Friday, 02 April 2010

The Silmarillion

The first couple of times I (tried to) read this, I was unable to finish it. It's a dense book full of strange names and places and relationships. This is (part of) the history of the elves of Middle Earth. I knew that one day I would make it all the way through, so I bought myself a copy and, when the next Tolkien-phase struck, I delved in. I was obviously of the right frame of mind this time. I made it all the way through and absolutely loved it.

Suddenly, all the weird names and their relationships to each other made sense. I haven't read it nearly as many times as LotR (or even the Hobbit), but it's definitely one I'd read again. This, however, is not a lazy afternoon read. The Silmarillion requires the use of a fair amount of brain power to keep track of who everyone is and why you care about them. It's a fascinating story and an essential read for anyone with an interest in Middle Earth.

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