Wednesday, 29 November 2006

almost lunch

so, it is almost lunch and as such I am not doing any work. I have been chatting to sally, but she's gone to bed now... so I am here, and playing on, where I get to be a hobbit. I always wanted to be a hobbit...

anyway, so I went on monday to roleplaying goodness and we almost had only two of us there. but then sean came. poor lucas was unavoidably detained. I could not help grinning at the cuteness. but it was fun, even if we did end rather late and had a shugenja in a 'meditative trance, no, really' for about a week of game time...

in other news... I got to see simon and adrianna's shelves. it was very nice until I realised that I was standing between sean and simon... not the most advantageous position for someone of my size!

steven and I have been watching the melancholy of huruhi suzuyama which I like. of course, it was not screened in chronological order, neither is it on the dvd in any order that bears any relation to either the order in which it was screened or the chronological order. luckily for me, steven watched it all and is now showing it to me in the order in which it was screened.

yay! lunchtime!

Monday, 27 November 2006


Goodness me, look at that, a shiny new blog. Isn't that exciting? I think so.

Anyway, I am at the museum, not working. I'm thinking about coke because I haven't had any for a long time [well, a long time for me, it's been nearly two days. I think] and I'm thinking about chocolate because there's some in my bag that I'm trying not to eat.

I'm not getting any work done for a number of reasons. I've been away from the museum [actually getting paid actual money! how very strange!] and so haven't spent much time with my email and so had to catch up on that. clearly, I am also wasting time doing things like this. and like looking at other people's blogs and stuff.

so, what do I have to tell you... on saturday, doc and I went to see the Pinter play
Betrayal, at the Baxter. It wasn't in the big theatre, it was in a cute little one up on the side. I thought it was wonderful! I didn't really understand all the nuances, but I'm a relatively straightforward kind of person... I don't always understand all the nuances when other reasonably straightforward people tell me things.
Anyway, if you were considering it, I would suggest going to see it 'cause it's wonderful. There would be lots more gushing, but I'm not in the mood.

In other news, it feels very strange to call him doc, but that's what he's called on his blog, so I'm just going to have to get used to it. perhaps I should call him doc-doc. that's just weird and I don't think I will.

otherwise, we had a lovely time at miller's with people for my birthday celebrations. many thanks to all those of you who came and especial thanks to adrianna for spotting and removing the giant scary scorpion. pictures can be found on doc's blog.

oooh, and I've just remembered that one of my ex-boyfriends has acquired a friend of the female persuasion! oh the cuteness! I feel a bit like a fond mother, which is disconcerting, but otherwise all is well.

all I've read lately has been fluff. however, I have started on asimov's
I, Robot, on adrianna's recommendation and because we found it reasonably cheap at the market yesterday. I like it. it's not really surprising, since I'm not really difficult to please.

in other news, we're still kind of nervous about the christmas plans. we have the visa and the plane tickets, which means that we're going. but it's scary! I will have to spend time with people that I don't know. which is disconcerting because I'm not good with the people I do know [and like], never mind strangers that are semi-related! but it's okay. and we'll see benjamin and I like benjamin. I can cope with benjamin, benjamin is not a scary person.

doc has gone off for his interview - I hope he gets back in time to take me home for supper before I have to go to my game [yay! roleplaying!] with adrianna, simon, lucas and le wombat. I like my game. it's fun. and it involves nice people.

and now I really should carry on with the boxes I'm supposed to be cataloguing.


look at that! I'm still not working! who would've thought? what I have been doing is fiddling about with this thing. I figured out how to change the colours. I don't know that I'm happy with it yet ... I was going for autumn colours, with green, apparently, and I'm not sure I've got it right yet. well, I haven't, but I've had enough for now.

I've figured out about the links. which took a while. especially as I happened to be on the phone with my sister. she emailed me, so I emailed her back with the link [she was the second person to get it. sorry phil, but I happened to be emailing megs at the time, so she got it first]... she even posted my first comment. isn't it exciting? well, it is for me.

besides which, I've worked on the register [catalogue], I've done 6 new boxes, as well as more work on the register and the making of labels and so on... I could've done a lot more, but I'm busy being distracted.

and now, I feel that I deserve some chocolate. especially since I've run out of things to do [though my sister's sent me some links to add], which means I must work. or, I could make my character sheet pretty... except, of course, that it's not here! maybe I should waste some more time trying to figure out how to have pretty pictures?