Tuesday, 06 April 2010

Real Family Food

I think I pick up all my cookbooks at the Exclusive Books sales. This one I picked up after paging through it and deciding that there were quite a few things in it that I wanted to try. I don't usually think very much of television chefs and yet, thanks to Exclusive's sales, I now own two books written by such people. This one appealed to me because it really is food that I am likely to actually make (and I have, some more than once) with flavours that I (mostly) enjoy. There are some things I can't imagine ever making (Bubble and Squeak is at the top of this list), but it's full of decent, simple recipes. There are some more complicated recipes (make a note - you want to make the Pumpkin Gnocchi hours in advance. Seriously). One of my favourite features of this recipe book is the colour coding. The colour coding takes the form of a robot (traffic light, for you foreigners). Green means you can eat the dish as often as you like. Orange dishes should be eaten no more than three times a day and you can only have one red dish per day. A handy guide to how healthy each recipe is (though what the red dot beside the lemonade recipe means is beyond me - one glass per day? One batch per day? It has to be diluted, so the dot is really unhelpful in this instance). It's also liberally peppered with anecdotes and information on how he deals with his kids in relation to food and eating habits. Possibly something parents might be interested in.

[On an unrelated note: Blogger needs an undo button. The number of times I've accidentally hit backspace and deleted the picture instead of delete to remove the space above the text is uncountable!]

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