Wednesday, 21 April 2010


There's a charity book fair at the V&A Waterfront this weekend. You should go and buy books. I'm going to (because that's a surprise).

Anyway, Emma is not one of my favourite Austen's. I enjoy the book and I like the characters but I can't stand to reread it very often. This is because Emma's behaviour makes me cringe. It's just embarrassing. Having read it multiple times I know what the reality of everyone's behaviour is and to read Emma misreading virtually everything around her and being so oblivious to the truth is just too much. I can't handle it very often. And the Box Hill scene! Emma's snobbery and unthinking cruelty is just too painful for me to read. Mrs Elton's snobbery, pretentiousness and so on is hysterically funny. And dear Miss Bates is such a font of information if you only know what she's really saying (particularly since she usually doesn't).

If you haven't read Emma, I recommend it.

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