Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Equal Education and Shine

Just a quick note to talk about the Bookery that is where Charly's Bakery used to be on Roeland Street. I'm sure there are similar places in the areas where you live. I will now be donating my unwanted books to them (unless they're 'unsuitable'). Equal Education is calling for every school in South Africa to have a functioning library with a librarian or other qualified administrator to run it. It has been shown that the pass rate is higher in schools with libraries (though I cannot actually locate the citation they give - maybe you can: Bhorat & Oosthuizen 2008). And, quite frankly, I cannot imagine going to a school that didn't have a library. How do these children cope?

A similar movement is the Shine Centre, which targets specific children in a few schools (I don't know if they do it anywhere other than Cape Town though) and helps them to raise their literacy level. Essentially, it's an hour a week of reading with them as they just don't get enough attention in the overcrowded classrooms and are failing.

So if you can, support these ventures or similar ones near you. The future of the world depends on a literate body of people (also, this might all go towards showing the government that books are not 'luxury items' and dropping the tax on them).

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