Friday, 09 April 2010

I, Nigel Dorking

The subtitle reads: 'an autobiography about an unusual boy with a suit of armour, an unshakeable dream and a most unusual vocabulary, written by that very boy, Nigel Dorking.' This is a book about a boy who is, undoubtedly, one of those geeky outcasts destined to become a roleplayer. As you might imagine, this is a kid I can relate to. I was never really an outcast, but I was always one of those bookish types that's too smart for their own good. Nigel, however, also has a younger brother with some sort of mental/developmental disease. Not something designed to make other children treat you with kindness. And then, his parents get divorced and there are the possible step-parents and their children. All-in-all it's yet another coming-of-age story. This one, however, is well told with an emphasis on fantasy and a hint of roleplaying that sets it apart and makes it loads of fun. Even if there isn't any actual roleplaying. There's almost LARPing.

[Picture will be coming forthwith.]

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