Saturday, 03 April 2010

Riverford Farm Cook Book

Another Exclusive Books sale book. This is a particularly lovely book because it talks about each vegetable/fruit in alphabetical order describing how to grow it and store it. There's information about different varieties and just an enormous wealth of information that I would never have come across any other way. In addition to the information on the food, there's little snippets about a variety of other things.

The recipes are divided up, on the whole, according to the major ingredient and are presented after each item's entry. I was really excited to try a number of items in here and I finally have. The major excitement was the Chocolate Courgette Cake (those are zucchinis for any Americans). My resident American tells me that it tastes slightly like Zucchini Bread (apparently similar to Banana Bread, only with courgettes). The GuineaPig gave it a huge thumbs up, along with the rest of the dinner from this book.

This is a book I definitely recommend. As an archaeologist I object to organic farming because it requires you to dig up naturally formed phosphate. Not only is this far more expensive, it's (in my opinion) much worse for the earth than just making some phosphate in a lab. Besides, phosphate is made out of bone, so phosphate miners tend to dig straight through bone-beds, which just gets my scientific hackles up. So, I generally tend to ignore all the 'organic' this and that and just use whatever is available locally. I'm in favour of local produce, where possible (and given that it's generally better for the environment, though there are exceptions), just not strictly organic food. Organically farmed food that uses fertilisers that don't include organic phosphate is much more palatable to me, sadly wholesale mining is required for food to be labelled 'organic'.

Anyway, the point is not for me to rant on about the pitfalls of marketing around the organic movement, which is a good one in theory. The point is for me to say: buy this book. It's full of fantastic recipes.

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