Wednesday, 27 June 2007

It's like magic...

Today, has been a good day - I got lots of sleep last night, after the game, which was fun...

Kamenosuke came up with a fool proof method to save me from being forced into marriage... Now if only we can sell it to my father, it's all good. Of course, he's never been overly fond of Kamenosuke, but I'm sure that if we can just get him to talk to him, then it'll all work out... In other news, I passed very briefly over some courtierly thing and got onto the discussion of magical theory... and I spent a nice long time talking about stuff with Sedami.

This morning I started out working, found out that I'd finally been hooked up to a printer so I could print [yay! it's about time!] and then PK hijacked me into talking to the work shadows about human osteology and answering questions about bones and stuff... and then they interviewed me. You have to watch out for the young ones - they're sneaky. "Are you going to be around tomorrow?" why, no, I'm not ... you want to interview me now? asking complicated questions that I haven't prepared for? never mind the fact that I had to just pull out '10 minute lecture on human osteology' without any preparation whatsoever... I think PK is sneaky too!

Button and ben are off to vermont today, to pick up a car that ben just bought...

In other news... my sister tells me [well, she told my mother who told me] that it was snowing around midnight last night in joburg. Isn't that exciting!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I've given up

It has taken a while, but I'm not even going to pretend that I actually make an effort to post regularly. First of all - why should I post regularly - I have nothing to say! Secondly, I don't have time for that sort of thing - I actually have to work. If I had internet at home, perhaps.

Anyway, I'm hard at work [well, I was until I decided I needed a break]... SW is away this week, but PK is here with a bunch of work shadow students for the week. Rather her than me, though I could use the assistance ... they could ... carry heavy boxes, while I sat and told them where to put them... gee, doesn't that sound like fun. At least then I would have something more interesting to do in explaining things. I had some fun earlier with AK, he had a bunch of stuff from his site on the west coast, some of which he thought might be human, so we tried to sort out which bits of which bones the fragments could be. We got one definite and one possible, which was exciting. The only other time I've done that was with JT and none of her stuff was clearly identifiable...

In other news, it's Tuesday again, which means game night. I'm looking forward to it, though I seem to have completely forgotten last week... no, wait, winter court opened, we had gifts, Keiko's been declared Doji... at least I think she has. And then we saw our fathers - wasn't that a strange circumstance? It's not like that's ever happened to me before. And we saw Kazushi again - it was a night of spirits... I do have to wonder though, about the mental abilities of a Phoenix who would bring them all around on purpose... though it was a very nice multi-element spelll, and it's not like they could talk, which was a nice change. And this week? I don't know of anything that's definitely going to happen ... I think we're still at the opening ceremony thing...

Button has wandered off to foreign lands... he arrived safely and is doing stuff over there. He'll be back in a couple of weeks. And so I have nothing to do but work and go to my game, 'cause he's not around to entertain me... as long as he brings back the TT:EE disc 2, I'll be happy.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Only on a Tuesday

Well, the week has gone by rather swiftly and it's once again tuesday... Which means, of course, roleplaying. However, I might be a little bit late as there's also an ArchSoc talk tonight, which Button and I feel the need to go to as it's someone we actually know.

In other news, both SW and PK are off this week [at least for the days I work]... which is a pity as I was hoping to print some labels. They can wait, however, one more week. I have plenty of other things to do at the moment.

Otherwise, Button and I had supper with my parents and [more importantly] a fire on Friday night, which was very nice. On Saturday we had KK and her boyfriend over for supper... And my life is apparently very boring, as I have nothing more to say.

Tuesday, 05 June 2007

lazy tuesday morning

Happy Birthday Button!

In celebration of Button's birthday, we spent a large part of this morning in bed, being warm and lazy... I'm sure we'd have gotten up quicker if it had been warmer and one of us had not been quite so sleepy. Which probably wouldn't have happened had she not stayed up till midnight, just so she could wish him first.

Anyway, we have now both made it to work... I'm having a look at Erica's wedding pictures [which are on facebook, so unless you're on facebook you probably can't see them, so I'm not posting a link] while trying to collate and compare three different lists. It's not that hard since the pictures take a while to load... I am in mercifully few of them.

In other news, there's the game tonight, which I am looking forward to. I wasn't going to go [it being Button's birthday and all], but he told me to, so I am. Besides which, we should have a full house tonight, so that'll be cool. It's been a while since that happened. Though I think we can forgive Lucas - it's hard to be at your game when your work takes you to another continent.

Monday, 04 June 2007

Long weekend

So... When last I was here, I was feeling quite sick. I was supposed to go to yoga and feel better. That didn't happen, as I went home and went to sleep instead. I took Thursday off and spent most of it in bed. Feeling better, I came in on Friday. I had a bit of a shock, but managed to sort it all out eventually. And then I tried to find bromoform. Not so easy since people keep telling me different things. JS says "go speak to x" so I go speak to x. He says "go speak to y", so I do. And then y tries to help me ... a while later x comes across y and I trying to work this out and says "no, you need to do all this other stuff, before you speak to y" ... well why on earth did you not say that in the first place, since that's what I asked you? Anyway, I'm still working on it, as I was unable to find the correct information [it would help if I knew what the information I needed was in the first place]

On Friday night, Button and I went to see a movie. We went to see Stephanie Daley at the labia ... part of some sort of film festival or something. It was very interesting and thought-provoking, though a little hard to follow in places and not quite what we were expecting from the synopsis we read.

On Saturday, there was a LARP. It was a great LARP. I really enjoyed it. It was the second Chrysalids LARP, set in the New Town. My eldest son couldn't make it, but there was an old family friend, from the city council there. Or the high council or whatever it's called. And so the LARP started and I wandered around telling people about my lovely new grandson, Henry. And then John-Henry [my middle child, played by Garrick] came along and told me (a) Father Ezekiel [Mike] was leaving the church to join the high council and (b) He [John-Henry] wanted to join the High Council and wouldn't I go tell Kevin the-High-Council-guy [Dave Sharpe] how wonderful he'd be in that role?
Well of course I'd like to help my children, and do so hate to go expressly against their own wishes [though it's sometimes for their own good]... so I did nothing. However, John-Henry kept pushing and eventually I went to speak to my old friend. And told him about J-H's aspirations and that while he may be the best man for the job [how would I know?] I don't want him running off to the city - I need my babies to stay where I can keep an eye on them. There was that time [well on twenty years ago now] when we lost the twins, I couldn't handle losing any others.
And on that note - someone [J-H thinks it's Father Ezekiel] has gone up to Ruth [Jo] and told her that she has to leave J-H and had better take that little boy with her... Now, since that little boy happens to be my darling grandson, David, I'm not very happy about this. I am in fact, very unhappy and go sit down and weep hysterically. Someone is trying to steal my babies! My family that were present tried to be comforting, Nathan Fernwood [Simon] was the one who managed to succeed at that.
So, now I must go home and explain to Gabriel [Lucas, who spent this LARP in the US] about why it is that Ruth and David are leaving. Without showing that I knew all along... But when it comes to saving my family, I can lie... I can do anything. I can be a sneaky old woman, I'm sure. I will not tell Gabriel what Nathan told me [that would be very silly], and I will do what I can to (a) make myself look like an innocent, caring mother and (b) keep all my children [and grandchildren] with me.
And that was the LARP... pictures are up at:

Yesterday ... not much happened. Button and I went down to the market and bought a couple of books and a door. It looks a lot better now that he's oiled it [you can see the markings on the crocodiles now] and we were supposed to write a cd of hendrice pictures ... but we don't have any cds ... hopefully we can find a way around that [since we didn't find any cds at the market]...