Saturday, 03 April 2010

Love, Aubrey

I picked this up at Exclusive Books (not a sale, sadly) on the the strength of the title font along the spine. I glanced at the cover, flipped it over and read the back. I opened it up, read the first few pages and decided I was taking it home with me. Surprisingly, this doesn't usually happen. I frequently pick up books because of the way they look. Reading the back usually induces me to put them back on the shelf. If the book passes that test, I read the first couple of sentences and, usually, a few random passages through the book. Rarely will I read the first few pages, instead of just the first few sentences. When a book manages to draw me in like that I buy it. Which is what happened with this book.

This is a heart-breaking story about death, grief and loss. It should be required reading for all children, and everyone who is too old to have had it required of them. Every single one of you should read this book. This is not a typical children's book. This is a book that deals with real life issues in a way that does not require the metaphor of fantasy. It's an emotional survival handbook that is relevant to anyone who has ever lost someone to grief.

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