Thursday, 15 April 2010

Peter Pan

When I was little I had a big yellow (Disney) picture book telling this story. I remember it fondly. And, I will say only this: if you have fond memories of the story from your childhood, do not ruin them by actually reading the book. The book itself is dreadful. There are only two decent characters in it: Tootles (a Lost Boy) and Liza (the Darling's maid). The narrator is irritating and ingratiating. The Darlings are ridiculous. The children are spoilt and horrible. Peter Pan is the worst of the lot. Tinker Bell is an awful example of fairies. The 'Picaninny' tribe of 'Red Indians' is the most offensive characterisation in the book. The pirates are ridiculous, with Captain Hook the most foppish dandy that ever led a group of cutthroats. The prose is ridiculous and... well... words cannot describe how disappointed I was by the reality of this book.

Do yourself a favour, remember this story fondly and do not read the book.

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