Thursday, 29 April 2010

Quiet as a Nun

Have I mentioned how much I love libraries. Lots. More than lots. Infinitely lots. There's a reason why I want to turn my entire house into a library. I'm getting there. I just have to encourage people to buy me bookshelves (I have a birthday coming up. In November. Start saving for those shelves now!), I'm quite capable of filling them with books and arranging said books in the most advantageous (space-wise) manner. Not only do I want to turn my house into a library, but I really enjoy spending time in them. The hushed sound of people doing whatever they're doing quietly. Also, libraries are full of books, every way you turn there are shelves and shelves of books.

You never know what you'll find in a library. On my last trip there (yesterday and I've already read two of the books I've got! Why can you only have seven at a time?) this book caught my eye, so I thought I may as well read it. It was definitely worth reading. There were certain characters (like the main character) that I took a while to warm to, but it was a good read and a well-written thriller. Particularly considering that I had no idea that Antonia Fraser wrote this sort of thing - I thought she only focused on historical stuff. I'll certainly keep an eye out for others in this series, but I'm not sure what my verdict on that will be.I was drawn to this one because of the religious aspect, but we'll see what the others are like before I make a final decision.

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