Wednesday, 31 January 2007

been a while

So, it's been a while. Button and I spent the weekend at Miller's with mom and dad. it was fun. the baboons were entertaining as always and we got to see the most enormous dogs in the world. very sweet things, despite their size and enormous amounts of fur.

monday was back to work at the museum. later in the evening it was l5r, without the wombat for a change. he's sick apparently. it was a fun session, despite the evil peasant girl and geisha. not that I'm overly protective or anything. But some people just don't really know how to protect themselves yet.

Yesterday it was off to uct - I wandered over to Hiddingh to catch the Jammie and there was Katherine, a girl I met last year. She's also starting her master's this year, also with Judy. She was chatting to a friend of hers and I joined them. We both had to register and see Judy and so on, so we did it all together. It was a fun day. It would have been more fun if I'd been able to track down the chemistry course convenor. Hopefully I'll get him on thursday - he did say morning would be better, but I've got an appointment...

Not much else has happened, except that Sarah is making great strides towards getting me paid, for which I am most grateful. Hopefully they'll be willing to give her the amount that she wants.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

unfriendly car

So, I am sitting at work, not doing any work. I should not even be on the internet. Why not? Because I left my glasses at home and am swiftly causing myself a raging headache. Button has ever so sweetly wandered off home to fetch them [and take care of a few other things].

I'm also waiting for some labels to be printed, which seems unlikely to happen, as Sarah does not seem to be here. This is perfectly fine, but I don't particularly want to take all these boxes back to the store and then have to take them all down again when the new labels are printed... Oh well, these things happen. Not everything can happen in the most efficient way possible all the time. I guess this means I should get off the computer and do something that won't cause me pain - like rearrange the boxes in my office, and then fetch some more...

Last night Button and I went to the Labia, to see The Queen. I rather enjoyed it, despite the fact that it's a ridiculously silly movie. I wonder if it was commissioned by Tony Blair, since it seems to serve the express purpose of reminding the British people how wonderful he is and how much they all loved him at first. All in all I think it was well cast, with a few exceptions. I thought Philip in particular was well done.

While at the Labia, we bumped into Michelle, who was at school with me. It was nice to catch up with her briefly. After the movie, we went for a drive over Kloof Nek, partly in hopes of seeing the comet again and partly because it was such a lovely evening.

For some reason, the car doesn't like Button. Since we've come back there have been 3 occasions [2 this morning] where the car simply will not start for him. But it will for me. We don't understand it, since we don't do anything differently at all... and now poor Button has to walk back to work.

Monday, 22 January 2007

weekend over.

So, on friday we trundled off to Adrianna's birthday party. She is, as she put it, halfway to 30. This confused me greatly as she's 25, not 15, but apparently I'm too literal. Anyway, it was lots of fun and it was nice to see all those people that I haven't seen in a long time.

On Saturday, we cleaned the house. We did a couple of other things, like go for a walk and watch P&P3 [which is actually the fourth movie, but if you're confused as to why, check out Pemberley]. I like that movie. It doesn't stick quite so close to the book as I could wish [giving Caroline's line to Mary and then having Caroline give the reply is just nonsense], but it's beautiful to watch. The costumes are lovely, though less lavish on all accounts than P&P2, which I'm most familiar with. And finally, a Jane that's prettier than Lizzy. Pemberley is one of my favourite places to go, I find it very calming.

Sunday saw us up early as we wandered over to Wembley Square to meet Lynn, who lives in our building. We had a bunch of stuff for her from her cousin in NY, and so we wandered over for coffee and, apparently, breakfast. It was then back home to meet up at the pool and swim away some of the heat. After that, I went up to reorganise our shelves, so that we can actually fit our stuff on them. They're looking much better, though not amazingly perfect yet.

Friday, 19 January 2007

lucas, I am your mother.

I think he doesn't know. And I think that Garrick doesn't know either. I think it will be fun.

Anyway, I am back at work. Trying to sort out all my email and get everything up to date before I start trying to work out where I am and what needs to be done... But that's going well.

So, we arrived in Joburg and saw phillydilly and whatsit. She liked her ipod. Then we [finally] came home. The flights were not as bad as they could have been and the sedatives helped. Mom and Dad picked us up and took us home. Then we pottered about for a while before going to bed. The next day it was dad's birthday, so we went out for supper with them. That was nice. I don't remember what happened on Sunday, but I'm sure it was wonderful.

on Monday Button went to work and I stayed at home 'cause I was still feeling a bit sick and I wanted to get the house a little tidier. Needless to say it's still a complete and utter mess. That evening there was roleplaying, which was nice. I enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed the extremely innocent conversation we had about Mike. Whatever they told you, they're making it up. The cake was good, too. We ended the very exciting session with a promise from Adrianna that next week we will definitely be arriving at the estates. No, really. I don't believe a word of it - I know she's plotted a million and one more disturbing events for the trip through the wilderness.

Tuesday through Thursday saw me at Miller's with Sally. It was fun. There was swimming, a complete lack of either baboons or scorpions [of any size], only one dead seal and an utterly fascinating dead fish. Well, I found it fascinating. Sally lost no time in informing me that anything that is dead and still has flesh is both gross and disgusting. Shells are not because although they're dead, they don't have any stinky, decaying flesh left. Anyway, it was a rather big reddish coloured fish and should not have been swimming around those rock pools. So how did it get there? I have no idea. I don't know how it died either, but I don't think it had been there long and it had quite a big hole in it. The eye was gone as well and all the little fish were swimming about feasting. I could even look into the hole and see fish inside it. It was great.

In other news, Sally and I played some games. We played Tsuro, which was fun but I think would be even more fun with more than two people. We also played Quiddler. She seemed to enjoy it, so we played quite a bit of it. I like it, so I wasn't complaining. I read Wonderful Life, which I borrowed from Simon last year... But since I wasn't about to take it to the other side of the world since I might forget to bring it back, I think that's okay. It was about the Burgess Shale and what it did for evolutionary theory, among other things. Very interesting. I've always liked Gould as a writer.

Yesterday we came back home, which was a bit of a nightmare as half the traffic lights weren't working. She dropped back into her hectic holiday schedule and I went home and read No Bone Unturned. It was about the man behind the Kennewick Man lawsuit and why that was so very important. Since I don't know very much about North American archaeology, it was very interesting to me. In the evening I started Guns, Germs and Steel, which I've always meant to read and now can since Button owns it. I like Diamond's writing as well - both he and Gould are very readable.

So now I'm at work... tonight it's Adrianna's birthday party, so maybe I'll be able to borrow that other book they've got. I mean, oh how nice it will be to see all the people that will be there. And it will, I'm sure of it.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

last day in New York

Steven and Benjamin have gone off to the MoMA and I am sitting at home. Why? Because I am sick. And miserable. I feel like I've been sick the whole time I've been here. I got sick, I seemed to be getting better and then .... I got sick again. So I'm not very happy. If there's one thing I will not appreciate, it's a 26 hour flight, while sick!

Anyway, I'm at home resting, while they wander about in the absolute freezingness. It's the coldest it's been the whole time I've been here. It's even supposed to snow... I went out this morning [though we probably didn't leave the house before noon, someone sleeps a lot when she's sick] with Steven - we went off to Chinatown to pick up a couple of things... one or two presents and a very pretty scarf for me. And a bag for my dice. Now that I have more dice, my little tin won't be big enough and I need something else.

We met up with Eugene, he had lunch with Erin [I'm not entirely sure who she is, but I think it's his ex-partner's sister] and was in the neighbourhood [by which I mean that he was downtown and not about 90 blocks uptown, like he usually is]. There are too many parentheses, so I'm going to start a whole new sentence. We met up with Eugene, and Steven was hungry, so we had some lunch. Well, Steven did, I had a [very] late breakfast, so I just had some very lemony tea and we sat and chatted with Eugene and tried to convince him to come and visit us.

We will hopefully see Teresa tomorrow - it's her day off, but she's still feeling awful, so it may or may not happen. We're going to spend tomorrow packing and then begin the long journey home.

Last night we went to see a play with Benjamin, that was very enjoyable and well done, despite how awful I was feeling, so it must have been very good, since I'm usually pretty cranky and impossible to please at times like that. Tonight Steven and I are going to the opera - to see La Triviata. It will be good.

And now, I'm going to try and get some sleep.


Because my nose isn't sore enough. Oh, for some penaten.

Hair did not happen today, poor Teresa called us when she got out of the emergency room this morning. Fairly understandable really. Otherwise, we got gay braces for Gummy and the stuff for Andrew... Pretty much all our shopping is done.

We wandered briefly through the AMNH again, picked up a book for him and some amber earrings for me. Then we went to see Eugene again, possibly for the last time this trip. Even probably. Now we're getting ready to go out for dinner with Benjamin and then to the theatre.

Monday, 08 January 2007


Right, well, once again I don't really remember what I've been up to since last posting... Everything begins to blend together after a while. We went into Chinatown where I found mom's teapot [which is Japanese, I know, but it was there]. I also [unsurprisingly] found a few things for mom. There was some stuff for me as well. I enjoyed it, even while being there all by myself, braving the world.

Later that afternoon we went to see Pan's Labyrinth. I saw the preview. It looked like fun. And it was. Nothing like watching someone smash another's face with a bottle for sheer joyful entertainment... But aside from the torturous scenes it was lovely. We were considering some theatre afterwards, but poor Ben was feeling really awful, so we decided to come home and make supper. Later that evening, Steven and I took a walk down to the Hudson river, which was nice, though a little cold.

Yesterday we had breakfast at a diner, which was nice. We then wandered over to the Met, to look at yet more art. It was fun - the Egyptian Temple was definitely worth visiting and I got to see actual real mummies. They were still wrapped up [which is the best way to preserve them], which was a little disappointing. There was other cool stuff as well, but nothing really spectacular.

We then wandered over to Eugene's, where we played the zombie game with him and Piggy [a girl, who apparently has a boyfriend, but won't admit it.]. I won, but I think it was only because Eugene engineered it that way. It was fun anyway. After that we went out for supper at a nearby Japanese restaurant, which was cool. Especially since I got to see Eugene speak actual Japanese. Afterwards it was home for ice cream and a movie [Kakurenbo]. Piggy left after that and we were going to watch Samurai Fiction, but we watched Zone videos for a bit instead, Steven made some silly suggestions that resulted in him and Eugene whimpering like lost little puppies and then we watched a bit of Samurai Fiction and a bit of something else, the name of which I forget.

Today we're probably going to try see the Bodies exhibit [the museums are all closed today, so it's the only thing we could see], find some gay braces for gummy and possibly a few other presents for other people ... like Adrianna, who is having a birthday right after we get back. And they're playing without me today grrr.... We've made an appointment to see Teresa tomorrow, which is literally an appointment, since it will involve hair stuff happening to me.

Friday, 05 January 2007

Reward for tissues.

I have lost my tissues! I cannot find them anywhere. They're somewhere in this house [Benjamin's house]. If you know where they are, tell me. If they're really there I will .... say nice things about you? Another equally fascinating piece of information: Eugene doesn't like dark chocolate.

The weather is miserable again, but I'm feeling better. On Wednesday we went to strand books - 18 miles of books and I couldn't remember who I wanted to buy a book for, or which book I wanted to buy them. Until later that evening, that is. Either way, a fabulous place, full of books. We also went to Takashimaya to see if we could find mom's teapot. We didn't, but Eugene will enquire of his japanese friends.

Yesterday we spent actual time with Benjamin. We went to the Whitney art museum, it was cool. Particularly since they were showing an exhibition of Picasso's influence on American artists and Steven and I had seen the exhibition in CT of Africa's influence on Picasso. After that, Ben had an appointment, so we wandered across central park to see Eugene. That was cool. And since B&S were off to a meeting that night, E lent me a bunch of anime to amuse myself with. I didn't get very far though, I think it's the kind of anime I need to watch with other people.

We also stopped by Forbidden Planet [I think on Wednesday?], and I now have the first volume of Kabuki. Yay!

There's not much else to say. The guys are off running errands, while I have a lazy morning at home. We may go toy shopping with Eugene later. Ooh, they're home! Apparently they found a lovely shop full of teapots and other things I will love and other shops that I want to go to. But we don't get to go there today...

Wednesday, 03 January 2007

new york, new york

so, after an uneventful new year's eve spent packing and playing quiddler with steven's parents, we arose at an unearthly hour, to catch a bus to new york. we slept on the bus. it was a miserable, grey and rainy day. consequently I did not get to see the famous skyline, the city crept up on us and we got a brief glimpse of part of it just before entering the tunnel. we found our way to benjamin's, and let ourselves in because he was out getting coffee. he arrived as we were hauling our huge amounts of luggage up the stairs.

We had brunch at a little french place, cafe henri. It was very nice - good food, though a little too close to the door for this particular person. we spent the day doing very little. it was a quiet day all around for new york, none of the bustle that one expects. in the late afternoon, ben went to visit a friend of his [he had some catching up to do, having been in minnesota for christmas and only arriving back on the 31st]. in the evening [after a lovely supper of ... pasta], we went off to visit eugene. eugene lives in a tiny little place that is full of treasures. I say tiny, but I think it's the same size as where I live. the point, however, is the treasures. shelves filled with manga, anime, ordinary movies, tv shows, figurines... all sorts of good things. we played some [video] games, watched some anime [Love Hina], talked about games and anime. And, of course, we saw his Haruhi stuff. I don't think it's fair that he gets haruhi stuff and I don't. Not that I particularly want a mikuru-bunny-girl, but that's not the point.

Yesterday we did the american museum of natural history. 'cause we just can't get enough of museums. we didn't do it all, there wasn't time. we'll go back another day. we stopped at joe's for coffee on the way home and then had supper with benjamin, at cafe mogador. it's a moroccan restaurant. it was fabulous. the food was lovely, the tea was brilliant. all round a wonderful experience.

today we're having a bit of a lazy day 'cause I'm sick of being sick and I'm hoping that a day of not too much stuff will make it better... one can hope. we'll probably go out and do a bit of shopping later. maybe try and find mom's teapot.