Thursday, 26 April 2007

Wet day in Cape Town

Happy Birthday Philly!

So, today is my sister's 27th birthday. Mommy dearest is going up to Joburg to visit, it being a long weekend and all. They have a very busy weekend ahead of them. So do I...

Anyway, last night Button and I had the parentals over for supper, it was nice. Even if I had to cook, it was nice. And the food was all edible [even nice, except for that little bit of burnt mushroom I had], so it was good.

Now, since Phil asked, I'm sure others are wondering. As most of you know, the old GPS [Green Point Stadium] is being torn down and an enormous new one being built in its place. According to information found in the archives, a number of burial grounds were supposed to have stretched across the area that is currently being developed [at the golf course, across the road from the old stadium]. Mary Patrick did some testing there, as part of the archaeological impact assesment and found that the bedrock is less than a metre beneath the surface. This suggests that the area was not used for the proposed burial grounds. So, the building has gone ahead. However, just in case there is something there [you can't test the entire area - that's why it's called a test], there is an archaeologist on site or visiting the site every day. So Tuesday was my day. There will be more days in the future, when they get back to working on areas that need archaeological monitoring. Currently they are working beneath the bedrock, where there should not be archaeology.

So that's what that meant yesterday. And now, I'm going to go back to work, 'cause I'm at the museum and there's work to be done. Of course, I'm not in my office at the moment 'cause they're painting it right now. Which is much better than them painting it the day before I'm going to be working. This way it will dry and the smell wil go away over the weekend.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

no time!

No time to blog!

Too much work - the museum, uct and the green point stadium... Had my first day there yesterday, and I'm glad to say it was the most boring morning of my life. I saw absolutely nothing come out of the ground other than stones and soil. This is a good thing though.

Then there was the game. It was lots of fun, despite my inability to concentrate at all and my falling asleep on Wombat's arm...

Tonight, the Mom and the Dad are coming for supper with me and Button. Which means that the house needs to be tidied [it was clean when we invited them, then time happened], and we need something to feed them with.

Philly Dilly [my sister, the cucumber] is having a birthday, but more on that tomorrow. The Mom is going up to Joburg for that 'cause there's all these public holidays around her birthday.

This weekend sees Button head off to the Richtersveld with one of the whatsits, to go camping. I have a plethora of birthday parties to attend [well, 2, but that's irrelevant]. Shopping [I need a dress for Hendrica's wedding - 'Hendrica' being Conrad's name for the pairing of Hendri and Erica - which is only a month away!] and seeing friends....

Thursday, 19 April 2007

long week so far

So... where was I? There never seems to be enough time for this sort of thing anymore. Of course, since I currently feel like I just crawled out from underneath a very damp and dirty rock, I should probably be at home in bed, not here at UCT.

On Tuesday there was no game. Disappointing, yes, but really for the best - Adrianna was sick and couldn't talk and Button was in need of care and attention. I was in need of sleep, but we can't all have what we want all the time. And I get plenty as it is.

Yesterday I was hard at work at the museum. Very busy with the boxes, though I don't feel like I did much work. Even though when I look at the number of boxes it is a lot, it doesn't feel like much. I guess it's not the most strenuous/stressful of jobs ... until you've got something in your eye and it's itching like mad but your hands are covered in bone dust.
Although, I will say that the tearing down of the next door building is causing much dust and the painting of the museum is causing much headachiness and sore noses from the smell. That is stressful. Or, at least, unpleasant.

I left a little early as mom wanted to go visit Gummy in his new old age home. It's a really nice place and the people seemed friendly enough. He was much chattier than he usually is. He's got a nice room and despite being initially unimpressed by the food, he did enjoy yesterday's lunch.

Today was JS's birthday, so Katharine and I were ordered/bribed with cake to go to the departmental morning tea. It's not smart to not do something when your supervisor says "you really should join us"... possibly we should put in more regular appearances...

Monday, 16 April 2007

Oh Happy Day!

So, on Friday I taped up my tubes with large amounts of tape in every possible place I could think of ... and then milled them for only five minutes. And it worked! There is very little on the bottom of the mill and what is there is just as likely to be disintegrated tape, as leaked bone. And there's too little for me to be able to tell. It's so exciting! Of course, it will quickly become tedious if I can only run the tubes for 5 minutes at a time... But at the moment I'm happy about it! I'd be a little happier if I was in less pain - I want to do more milling, which I can't do at the moment 'cause I'm in too much pain to haul LN back and forth between here and Geology. This sucks.

On Friday, Button and I went to see Miss Potter. Yes, it was overly sweet and sugary, but I enjoyed it anyway. I don't think it deserved to be called horrific, but at the same time I suspect that there are few people I know who would also enjoy it. Button seemed to like it though.

Sunday saw shopping get done - I bought my darling sister a birthday present. Lucky her. Then, WombatBoy came to visit. That was fun, we chatted a lot about stuff that we had to chat about. I enjoyed it, I think he did too.

Today, there is a field trip. We're taking the little tutlings to Peers Cave [and will be tomorrow, Thursday and Friday as well]. It's going to be somewhat fun, but not entirely overly fun. I expect to enjoy myself, however.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

So, there was a game on Tuesday. It was fun. Lots of fun - Kamenosuke has agreed to assist me in warding off a potential marriage should my family manage to come to some sort of agreement [very unlikely, since they struggle to get along and none of them particularly like me anyway. Except for my grandmother who doesn't think I should get married yet]. He sent Toki a reasonably appropriate reply - it wasn't quite the straightforward "bugger off and leave me alone you skanky peasant" that I'd hoped for, but I'm sure she'll get the message.

I was a little late for the game 'cause MP was giving the ArchSoc talk, and Button and I went to see that. It was good and a good thing we did 'cause it's important to see people face-to-face when discussing business opportunities. Besides which, I like her. The talk was reasonably interesting - not quite as interesting as NC's talk was, but then MP was mostly discussing historical stuff that I'm not really interested in.

Wednesday I tried to do some belly-dancing. It didn't work particularly well since I couldn't do any of the arms. Very upsetting. I blame mom's attempt at reiki just before, which resulted in a very painful wrist and elbow. On the other hand, that particular hand has been better since then, so perhaps I should get my reiki the day before dancing... Or something.

I spent Wednesday and yesterday morning working at the museum. I feel like I got lots done and when SW gets back and sees all the labels that have been printed since she left, I think she'll agree. Possibly she'll just agree anyway 'cause she seems to think I work very quickly. Possibly this says less about me than about the other people she works with... But I don't know who I'm being compared to, so I can't say for sure.

My burettes [ordered on Wednesday] arrived yesterday, just before the ert prac Katharine and I had been dreading. There's a particularly rowdy group of young gentlemen in it. The most disruptive one wasn't there and they all seem to respond reasonably well to my attempts to make them figure stuff out for themselves. The burettes are a little tall still, but if I could get the fuem cupboard to open up all the way it would be less of a problem. I also need to find a way to make it straight... perhaps I'll ask John.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007


On Thursday I headed off to my doctor's appointment with Button. I took Button in with me 'cause he's useful and remembers things that are relevant, which I do not. I now have an appointment to see a rheumatologist in May. Lucky me.

We spent the weekend at Miller's with mom and dad. It was fun. We saw a little more of Fred than I would have liked, but it cannot be helped. And, thanks to the food room, he didn't manage to run off with too much. The whole family [except Bandie and Phil] were down on Sunday, for too much chocolate. Button and I played flux with Megan, Selan and Kiri and Skip-bo with the girls [Selan had lost interest by then]. He and I also took a walk over to Miller's Point - he'd brought us a copy of an archaeological survey done there a few years ago and we wanted to check out the shell midden. Selan came with us and was much more communicative than he usually is.

I am now at varstiy and motivated to do some work! But I need to get my hands on some plumber's tape first. Oh well, I can practice buretting today... a frightening prospect. Why? Because there are no short burettes. So I have to use a long one. In a fume cupboard... All of which add up to not much fun.

However, there's a game tonight, and that's fun. At least, I think there is...

Wednesday, 04 April 2007

Keep away from cars.

As you all should know, my grandmother's car broke. So she took my car away 'cause she's weak and needs power steering. So I was driving the evil red thing and having problems with it. Then, last week, there was happy news. The white one was fixed. Yay! Except, the white one wasn't fixed properly. So I have to get the evil-red-thing back :(

Easter weekend coming up, with lots of public holidays. Button and I might have gone camping, but that didn't happen so we're going to head down to Miller's with the mom...

At the moment I'm at work, though not feeling so good. I'm not going to stay too long, 'cause I feel icky and I need to finish the marking by tomorrow. I am considering breaking into Sarah's office to print the labels. It wouldn't really be breaking in, since I can just unlock the door and walk in and she said I could, but it feels weird to do that... So probably I'll just finish off the boxes that I'm busy with and then hopefully she'll be back and I can go in and print while she's actually there... I hope she is successful in her attempts to hook me up to a printer.

In even better news - the doors have been painted yellow [on our floor at any rate], but loads of people complained and now they can't paint the walls the same colours. Thank [insert deity] for small favours! At least we're not the floor that got stuck with hospital green. That's the library floor. Right now I don't spend much time up there...

Last night's game was ... interesting. We negotiated with the Ratlings for the return of the statue and fan stolen from the geisha shrine. Then we negotatied some more over a couple of human 'cubs', which we decided to let them keep for now. Kamenosuke's horse was out of control on the way home. So we helped him. Which he didn't appreciate. I spent a while meditating on my recent period of peacefulness. This is apparently the wrong thing to do. The evening was anything but peaceful and I now have to write a very hurried letter to my grandmother to beg for her assistance.

Tuesday, 03 April 2007

cleaning out

I have been hard at work at the museum all morning. Now I'm taking a brief break and considering some tea. I've done some cataloguing and cleaned out the unused office that I'm going to be moving into. It's very important that I have an office that I can lock so that I can leave boxes that I'm busy with in there safely. You have to be very careful when working with human remains. Now, all I need is an actual key and someone to tell me how to hook the computer up to the internet so that I can email the labels to SW. Had a nice chat to Petra [sp?] this morning - she's also just moved from volunteer to employee.

Overall, the weekend was nice. On Friday Button and I went to see Proof at the Artscape Arena. It took me a while to wrap my head around the lead male. David Turner playing an arrogant, shy mathematician? It was a very thought-provoking play. Button wants to see the movie now, but I'm not so sure. On Saturday we bought some pots for our plants... and Sunday was also a relatively lazy day. We went to the final Kirstenbosch concert. It was Shawn Phillips. I know a couple of his songs from my dad's cds. I even like one or two. Unfortunately he doesn't do very well live. Perhaps it's because he's getting old now. It didn't help that they were filming it for a dvd so everything had to be absolutely perfect. Within the first hour at least a third of the audience had walked out. Button and I didn't take too long to follow. Still, we had a lovely picnic with each other, on a lovely day in a lovely place and walked all over the gardens with much enjoyment. So thank you dad, for the tickets.

Roleplaying tonight [it's moved...]


So, I am now installed in my new lockable office. It feels weird... Nice though, to have somewhere [almost] all my own. I have a key, working internet... what more could a girl need? Ah. Well. It would be nice if I could figure out how to make the air-conditioning work, but that's not so important right now. Back to work.