Thursday, 31 January 2008

Still full of fat.

So, there was a game on Tuesday. First, however, there was a lengthy discussion on changes to just how everything is going to work. I think everything was sorted out and it's going to be quite fun [though very complicated for a while]. Then the game happened. In the evening, Kamenosuke had a chat with Ishie, in which she told him that Bayushi Yutaka [the Emerald Magistrate] and the previously Doji Sakue, are both honourless and evil. Well, maybe not evil, but certainly not to be trusted and not overly fond of Kamenosuke [which shows very poor judgement on their parts]. Before he wandered off in a dejected state, she showed him a small brown stone and asked for his assistance in curbing her curiousity. At least, the curiosity that may result in unnecessary practical trials. Particularly since [which she didn't mention] she'd be most tempted to try it out on someone else. She's lived with the rather annoying side-effect for a very long time now and would not like a double dose of it. Although, that may result in more useful information than the current side-effect is willing to give... Which is why Kamenosuke will be keeping an eye on her. While it's possible that his offer to safeguard it for [and from] her is a good idea, she is unwilling to contemplate what her grandmother would say if she found out that Kamenosuke knew of its existence [though no actual details about what it's for], never mind if she found out he was the one keeping it.
In the morning, Kamenosuke sent the rest of the magistrates a message, indicating that they should meet up at around lunchtime, and not disturbh im before then. This made Ishie very happy, as she wanted to go see the messenger, and she'd prefer to do it alone. Unfortunately, she met Nagataka on her way down to the village. He decided to accompany her to the Inn, but chose to instruct the peasants rather than listen to her conversation with the messenger. In the afternoon, the magistrates [excluding Yashamaru, who appeared to be wandering the void] had a meeting with Doji Jirobei, Akitaka and Yumiko. They being the guy we think is responsible for everything going on, his father and the woman currently in charge of the village. Jirobei denies everything, though with some obvious lies. Isawa Daichi was kind enough to testify, though he accused her of lying, which was very rude, since he's most untrustworthy. Now, we need to decide if we're going to accuse him or not... Either way, there is likely to be a duel between him and Kamenosuke - which could result in injury.

Aside from that... Not much has happened. Button and I watched the latest adaptation of Persuasion last night. It was most enjoyable, despite large changes from the book and being rather short. I did enjoy it, however. Also, I asked JS what she thought about all the fat still coming off Pig's ribs and she agreed it was an obscene amount [that's what you get for dealing with fresh bone!] and made some reccomendations. On the plus side, she's now aware of why I'm not milling.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Last night I had a most disturbing dream. The most disturbing thing about it is that it was so incredibly realistic. I'm not going to go into details about the dream, as it was very upsetting. The simple fact is that I was quite surprised to wake up and find myself in bed, as opposed to sitting with H* on the floor, in his kitchen, while attempting to calm my hysterical sister. In fact, I was so convinced that it was real, I was still talking to her, while my brain processed 'lying down in darkened room'.

There is no other news [unless you desperately want to know that yes, Pig's ribs are still exuding fat at an alarming rate], except that there is a game tonight. We have changed many things, I am excited by this even though half of them don't apply to me and most of it confuses me horribly.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Drowning in a sea of Fat.

My current sample is a cow, named Pig. This is not to say that I am finished with Wendell. Quite the opposite, in fact. But I am currently defatting Pig. I have been defatting Pig since before Christmas. Today, I put in some of Pig's femur to defat. Why? Because his [or her] rib is still full of fat. It just keeps dissolving out of the bone. I must admit myself surprised - I did not think that a rib would be so fatty. Otherwise, my trials continue. The mesh people have not responded, so I am unable to continue the attempted sieving of Wendell.

In other news... the weekend happened. I did indeed finish watching Kill Bill. It was not as good as the first movie [the decided lack of Lucy Liu was not an improvement], but it was still enjoyable and revealed much information. And the little girl was gorgeous. I did join Lucas et al. for the watching of FotR, or at least parts of it. Lucas had a theory on the information-extraction matter, though I forget what it was. It's not my fault, I was distracted by the NekoNinja, who is far more conventionally pretty than I was expecting. She's very nice, despite this fatal flaw. Button also had a theory on the matter, which has to do with the content of the information that one is attempting to extract. Essentially, if it's about me, I'm not going to tell you. If it's about anything else, then I will. However, since H* was managing to extract personal information, I'm not entirely sure how that applies.

Now that I've confused myself, on with the inventory. I abandoned my assessment of the NekoNinja, to go braai with a bunch of Button's friends. The puppies were gorgeous, the people not entirely unknown to me and some of them much fun to be with [or amusing, at any rate]. On Sunday, Button and I went shopping. This is partly because we are smart and know that the mall has air-conditioning, and partly because there was no food in the house. We also bought me a new swimming costume, as the clasp on my bikini top had snapped and was now useless. I managed reasonably well with an old bikini, but since the top is a little on the small side [or, really, far too small] it did not make for comfortable swimming and a new one was required. As this is not a bikini, it will enable me to do things like swim at the gym, as per the OT's instructions.

And, there was watermelon. I like watermelon.

Friday, 25 January 2008

I amaze me.

Three posts in two days. You should be amazed too. Of course, the main reason for this post, is that I am bored and have nothing to do. There is nothing online with which to entertain myself [well, I'm sure there is, but it's not making itself obvious and I don't feel like looking] and there is no work to be done [well, there could be, but for some reason Pig is still very fatty].

So, yesterday happened. I chatted to H* quite a bit about game-related stuff. All I have to say on the matter is [what I managed to restrain myself from saying yesterday] It wasn't meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And then, because he is a non-threatening type, he managed to extract all sorts of information from me without making the slightest bit of effort. Wombat tells me that this is not a particularly difficult feat, as I apparently try to hide things from people by waving them about in front of their faces. How exactly this combines with his [and Button's, for that matter] equally certain opinion that getting information out of me is about as easy as blood from a stone is beyond me. There was other talking to people and [as I'm sure Wombat will not hesitate to remind me, frequently] the mention of cake. More specifically, the mention of cake, made by me, for the purposes of being eaten by the Wombat.

Then I went home, and did even less. Today, however, will involve acupressure. I enjoy that. I'm not sure whether or not it makes any difference [though usually when he says "this may make your [insert body part] a little achy", after a couple of weeks he's usually right], it's good for my mental health. The other things that this weekend will include: hopefully the rest of Kill Bill, a braai with a bunch of Button's friends, the possibility of watching all LotREE dvds with Lucas and [presumably] some other people [like the girl - will she be there???] or at the very least, the second half of TT... and hopefully not too much else.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

taller than the universe

I'm in a surprisingly good mood this morning, though I think it could use some coke. On the other hand, being more awake is quite possibly going to lead to a less-than-happy mood. A very small amount of research tells me I'm updating less than once a week, but since I have very few things of interest to say, it doesn't matter. So, in this weeks news: Confluence's birthday; Nad's farewell; game stuff and, in that order too.

Confluence's birthday happened on Saturday. Well, it actually happened on Friday, but the celebrations were on Saturday. We were expecting to arrive late, but in fact were relatively early, as things go. I can't say I'm surprised, I can't even manage to be late when I'm actively trying. There were lots of people there and lots of food, though I don't think I ate very much. Overall it was fun, though by the time we left I was so tired I could barely stand up properly. And, just so you know, H* says I'm taller than the universe.

Nad's farewell was fun. Particularly since I did manage to be late for that [he didn't get around to smsing me the address until an hour or so before the event, by which time I'd managed to forget it was happening]. There were, again, lots of people there and I had great fun chatting with Amy1 about Jane Austen stuff and Amy2 about belly-dancing stuff. And then I spent a very long time talking to Confluence, H* and Wombat about a variety of things, mostly roleplaying. And I got to practice my deer-in-headlights look when Wombat asked for my opinion. At the party, I discovered that an unnamed someone has a blog that I'm not allowed to tell anyone about. So far I've managed that, but I'm not always very good with secrets.

Then there was the game, which was fun. Prior to our all arriving, H* had a nice long time-slice by himself, which had to do with a Crane meeting. Kamenosuke got lots of important stuff done and made Ishie very happy. Assuming of course that he told her that... it's hard to keep track, sometimes. There was a snowstorm, during which Ishie wrote a letter to her grandmother. Then the magistrates reconvened, discussed the possibility of there being more than one man hidden by the kami and generally arguing amongst themselves. Then Ishie's father arrived, which always upsets her. He gave her only partial information about something important, which always upsets her. While she was trying to work out how to say "I have to go find someone I don't know, and I'm not sure where to start looking", some Matsu knocked on the door with useful information. Everyone dressed as warmly as they could [except for Nagataka, which turned out to be a good idea on his part] and headed off to the inn, to obtain some more information. While the others dallied about generally annoying Ishie, she obtained the only useful information from the innkeeper and headed out to find the messenger. Once Hideo's uncle, Matsu Chizoku and Doji Harumi were located, the man was easy to find. Nagataka was attacked by his crazy sensei and then dove into the snow to locate the messenger. Once he was pulled out of the snowdrift [or had the snowdrift melted around him, as the case may be] he proceeded to taunt Ishie mercilessly. To be fair, he wasn't actually taunting her, she just wasn't being very rational or keeping track of what was actually going on very well. Then she read her message and hid the contents of the package and attempted to communicate as little as possible to Kamenosuke. One of the important pieces of information in the message related to Agasha Sosuke and the need for extra care to be taken by Ishie and as a result, by Kamenosuke. And then she spent a good long time debating what else she should tell him, or could tell him, without him deciding to kill her. She's probably overreacting, but she's not having a good day any more.

I nearly forgot, Button and I watched Kill Bill last night. I was very disappointed. I was cheated. Someone should've told me it was only half the movie. I know it's technically 'volume 1', but that didn't register, obviously. Aside from the fact that I was cheated out of half the movie, it was lots of fun.


There is nothing quite as spine-numblingly terrifying as walking down University Avenue and seeing our new CLAWthing wandering along with a bunch of first-years. Who are all made to wave and chant "Hi [akika]" at you in unison. I trust that the reason for it is that she's attempting to indoctrinate them right from the very beginning, rather than letting others poison their minds against us.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I am very close to deleting my facebook profile. The only thing it seems to do for me is cause annoyance. But this isn't the first time I've felt this way and most of the time I just ignore it, so it doesn't matter really.

In other news... Button came home. This made for a happy, though sandy, house. I skipped BT's birthday celebrations in favour of TheOldMan's birthday celebrations - and ended up at Beluga, which was her original plan. When I arrived home, there was Button. Aside from that, there has just been work, and last night's game.

We started with a discussion on mechanics and made a few changes. All bonuses/penalties are now 1, unless otherwise specified. We have honour [unsurprisingly, Kamenosuke's is highest]. No more xp without in-character training. And then we continued...
Ishie went wandering around the garden, looking for something in particular and making little rock-piles where she could [mental note: email confluence about this]. Kamenosuke spoke to Hideo, wrote some letters, had tea with Yeiji. Ishie was present for the last one and is satisfied with what was said. Yashamaru had a meeting with a nameless tainted person, that just about everyone else in the party knows the identity of and is pretending not to. His other efforts at communicating important matters to other people did not yield any results. Nagataka had an educational experience with the monk of the estate temple. Hideo did some training. In the evening, we met with Doji Akitaka about delicate matters. The results were less than satisfactory, but suggest that we are actually getting somewhere with this investigation. After dinner Nagataka met with Daichi to discuss the incredibly tainted coin, while Kamenosuke met with Keiko to discuss her incredibly nerve-wracking day tomorrow. Oh, and we also received a letter about something we already knew about, though it provided a little more detail on the matter.

Otherwise, I'm less cranky than I was when I woke up, which I can't help but feel is a step in the right direction.

Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Return of the Game

My computer is now working properly [thank you Lucas]. He also fixed my mouse and provided me with entertainment. He was rewarded by being allowed to experience the joys of defatting solution. I'm sure he is eternally grateful.

In other news, Button is still not home, but off in the desert somewhere having a wonderful time and lamenting my absence. As he should. I, on the other hand, have been working. Very hard at all sorts of things. As recently as Monday my supervisor said something along the lines of "No LN for two weeks? Why don't you write the first three chapters of your thesis." Yes. Well. She's not so completely unreasonable as to expect me to manage that in two weeks, but that's not really the point.

Last night there was a game. We were all present, we were all mostly on time. I was hoping to be the last to arrive, but it appears that unless I make a much more concerted effort, it will not happen. What happened? We had a recap of epic proportions that almost covered the entire game from the beginning. And would've, most likely, had Confluence not called us to order. We read a report from Masazumi. Kamenosuke got a letter from his brother and the magistrates got a letter from Mitsukuni detailing his displeasure at the goings on of the town in our absence, in less than so many words. Kamenosuke discovered an interesting feature to the scroll rack Masazumi had given us and we read the rest of the report. We were further interrupted by the presence of a ronin at the gate, asking for us. It was Kiyoko's tall, skinny friend, who doesn't like Ishie for some reason. He had a message for us, from his 'acquaintance'. Sachio appeared to be long-suffering and he certainly was after carrying messages back and forth from the village to us and spending large amounts of time drinking tea with the Tsumae guards. The simple version was that Isawa Hanchero wanted our help, if we'd be so kind as to promise him not to detain him without delay. After Hideo's concerns were overruled, a meeting was arranged for the next morning in a very private place due to Hanchero's 'current appearance'. A fact that did not fill anyone with joy. [For those of you who don't remember, Hanchero is a suspected maho user, on our most-wanted list]. The meeting took place and was decidedly uneventful. We discovered a lot of information, regarding Yashamaru's enemy [apparently Hanchero's enemy as well], the tainted coin I failed to mention previously and how, precisely to kill the oni.

All in all it was most enjoyable, though I could've done with more sleep. And now I'm trying to talk myself into going to the library and looking stuff up [I bought myself a pretty new file in preparation]. Possibly that won't happen today...

Friday, 04 January 2008

New Year, Same People

So, it is now 2008. Isn't that exciting. Let's all get drunk to celebrate.

Before we go down the path to that particular rant, let's go down another. We could rant about this computer, and how completely worthless it is [what is the point, I ask you, of having a computer that barely works and an entire department dedicated to ensure that the computers are constantly messing things up?], or we could rant about any number of other things [I had a list of things that were annoying me, but I don't remember them anymore]. Lucas, however, has offered to come by this afternoon and make the computer work [I'm hoping this involves beating it with blunt objects, as I'd really like to].

So, there was Christmas - Button's parents have put a bunch of pictures that we sent them online [saves me the trouble!], so you can go look at them. At least you could if this equally worthless mouse would deign to work. It was fun and family-filled. Luckily there was a decided lack of baboons, which is always happy. There was swimming [no one caught me on camera though! hahaha!] and the generalness that is all holidays. Ah, there's one of my other rants - why on earth do people feel that just because it's a certain time of the year everyone has to be ecstatically happy all of the time or god help you, you're ruining everything. Hasn't anybody learnt that you might be on holiday but your emotions and hormones and so on are not?

Then, there was New Year's. I don't mind admitting that I find it to be a rather pointless holiday. Oh look, another excuse for everyone to get drunk. How exciting. I don't like drunk people.

At some point, there was an l5r dinner, with sushi made by Confluence [H* did as well, I think, I wasn't paying much attention to the actual proceedings]. It was very nice, except for one minor issue that lasted all evening. I must be getting more irritable in my old age as this particular element never really bothered me before.

There was supposed to be a meeting with [insert name here], to talk about LARP stuff - sadly we'd barely got through the exclamations over the house and the kittens before work intervened. I have, however, since discovered Google Docs and so we can collaborate happily over there. When we have internet access.

Button buggered off to Namibia with B. and I'm all alone for now. Theoretically this involves actually getting lots of work done. This is an interesting theory. Recently I've done a fair bit of work on the LARP and various other writings. I read some books, but for details you must go to the book review site.

There is some family news - Gummy is falling fast. This is depressing, but probably a good thing in the end [who would choose a long, drawn-out period of deterioration?]. TheOldMan has found a job. This is particularly exciting because it means they're taking me out to dinner tonight. The job sounds like any other accoutning job, but the company sounds like they're really nice and fun and what-have-you.