Friday, 31 August 2007

too little butter

The dress rehearsal last night went quite well, even if we did spend the first two hours or so taking photos. There was only one slight little hitch with the music and aside from the finale [which it appears that more than half the women performing hadn't been shown before last night] all the dances were almost perfect. So we'll be practicing the finale on Saturday before the show. Hopefully I'll be able to be on stage during it, rather than in the wings with all the rest of the short people... I don't know how to solve the problem... but I'm sure it'll be fine on the night.

Then I went home, got home, behaved like a tornado, according to Button. Apparently that's what I do when I get home. Swirl around hectically before collapsing. Sleep happened and it was very nice. I managed to sleep through until about 5:30. Apparently we should've gotten up then, rather than going back to sleep, sleeping through the alarm and not getting up until we needed to be leaving the house. But it's not the first time that's happened and leaving 15 minutes late is not a complete train smash. Of course, it means that we don't eat breakfast or make lunch or any of that. And I'm not feeling well today. Some of which may be related to the lack of food for 3 hours after I got up, but I'm not sure about that. I think it's just general stress/lack of sleep/etc.

I'm actually having out-of-larp conversations with people other than my eldest son for a change... That's nice. And the information I'm obtaining [as yet all from my eldest son] is most illuminating. And I really need to get new glasses before I kill someone.

There's just too much work! Not enough time...

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Linda Linda

Well. All I have to say is that Eugene has an awful lot to answer for. First Haruhi, then Zone, then Tomoyasu Hotei, now Linda Linda Linda and the Blue Hearts. I mean really - do I really need to have some punk-rock Japanese song in my head for days? No, I don't. Can I get it out? Why no, no I can't. And do you know why? Because of Linda [Linda - Linda Linda - Linda Linda Linda....]

Otherwise, work is happening at a frightening pace. I'm almost done working out the after-hours access to LN. I just need to speak to JL. Chemistry is going okay - hopefully I'll get the prac [mostly] done at the dress-rehearsal tonight. Siyoli and Heather and I are thinking of meeting up over the weekend to get some collaborative studying done for the test on Monday.

And from now on - no more dancing for me. For the rest of the year at any rate. Which is very sad, but at least I'll be able to get most of my work done. Which means less stress, which is almost the same as less pain and quite possibly better sleep. At the very least, more sleep.

The book review blog is going quite well. I keep posting things. If I worked less I'd be able to read more and then I'd be able to post more. That would be nice. And someone invited me to yet another networky thing called SisterWoman. But who was it? I don't know. I'm not entirely sure that I want to... For reasons that I'm not going to explain.

In other news I had a very strange dream. I'm not sure when it was since I don't remember having it, but I've been getting these weird memories of things I know haven't happened [the final Chrysalids larp, for example], so I can only presume that it's a dream. That I don't remember. And they're just bizarre! But I won't bore you with too many details...

Monday, 27 August 2007

what a weekend

So, the weekend happened. On Friday, Button and I went to see La Rondine at the Baxter. The evening started out ... interesting. We went in and went to where our seats should have been. I say shoudl have been because the seats were not there. They had been removed to make way for a camera. Presumably there's a reason that the seats were still being sold, but I don't know what it was. We went off to the manager, who got us some other seats, from which we couldn't quite see the stage properly. Luckily there were some empty seats near us, so we took them instead. As for the opera itself... It wasn't brilliant, but it was okay. The performances were good - some of the performances were quite lovely, but the opera itself was lacking.

On Saturday we went shopping - I needed more teflon tape, some warm tops [I know it's the end of winter, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still cold and don't really have any nice warm clothes anyway] and some other things that I don't recall. Mission accomplished, we went home. Button headed off to his meeting in Khayelitsha, I lay on the couch and read my book. Eventually he came home, shortly after which I left for the LARP and he was picked up by a friend to go see a movie.

The LARP [Chrysalids: Celebration] was, as usual, fun. My character has become a lot more frail with the passage of time. She went into the LARP upset and she came out with a new feud - very important since she's no longer fighting with the Barnes' family. She fell down the stairs, after seeing some people in black rushing across the square - later she found out that they had stolen one of her grandchildren.

Yesterday, there was the last game before Simon and Adrianna head off to Poland. It was very exciting. We were at a party, the trickster spirits had arrived and decided there needed to be more 'fun'. Luckily, this caused Nagataka to spot the fox mask wearing individual. Who we followed into the basement. He/she admitted to being tainted, refused to turn themselves over to the people who deal with these sorts of things. So we attacked. We killed one henchman, it killed the other henchman and then turned itself into some sort of oil and floated away on the stream. After we attacked it, despite the fact that we met them without weapons. Of course, shugenja and monks don't need weapons, but Kamenosuke and Hideo were at a distinct disadvantage. I would've done something to assist Kamenosuke, of course, but he was managing just fine and I was having too much fun with Jade Strike [look at the pretty green light].

This morning, I have a meeting with my supervisor. I have to tell her that my entire 'pure' sample is now on the bottom of the mill and now contaminated with teflon tape. Stupid mill. And I wrote my first review for what am I reading.

Friday, 24 August 2007


Well, the most exciting thing to happen so far today, is the appearance of my dear sister's 'online book club'. While it's not quite what I'd imagine a book club to be, it stars me, my sister and a friend of hers at the moment. She's added all her previous book reviews [back-dated, of course] and more will be coming. If you're interested in being part of it, leave a comment? Contact Phil? She's in charge, after all.

In other news, the milling continues - there will also be some mass spectrometry preparation today. And hopefully all the problems will be solved... Or something.

The belly show advances with terrifying speed. We've had our last practice [T says we're the most ready group of all, so that's exciting] and next up is the dress rehearsal and then the actual show. To those of you who aren't going to be there - if you don't have a good excuse, you should be ashamed of yourself. And it was sold out last week.

Tonight Button and I are going to La Rondine at the Baxter theatre. More on that next week.

Monday, 20 August 2007

donig a happy dance

Not literally, of course, though I'm sure my fellow grad students would understand. I am celebrating what seems to be a minor miracle. There I was hiding away from the mill, as I did not want to come back to it and find the rest of Wendall scattered on the bottom of the mill. Again. When I finally plucked up the courage to go back and have a look I found that, yes, some of the sample has leaked. However, the cylinder has remained closed - which means that I have yet more 'pure' Wendall powder!
While that may not seem very exciting to you, I assure you that I am very excited.

In other news, the car has finally gone in for repair! Yay! Today's the 20th. They estimate it should be finished by the 28th. Isn't that encouraging. I'd hate to know how long [and how expensive] it would've been if I hadn't been stopped or if the guy in question had been going faster than a couple of kilometers an hour...

Over the weekend I had flu, and so did as little as possible. I went to my grandmother's 83rd birthday party yesterday. It was fun, there was an overabundance of cake and lots of familial stuff.

Monday, 13 August 2007

My name is ... uh ... which one is this?

So, Dragonfire happened. Yay for Dragonfire! Who needs to be able to remember their name. Or anyone else's, when you've got Lara the LARP-nazi running around saying things like "no name-tags" and "no character sheets"... it's not like you've been spending the weekend changing your name every couple of hours. It was lots of fun though, and luckily Lara's sensible enough to give people normal names and have there not be too many people, so that it's not so hard to remember who they are. And so what if you forget the name of the person you just met - it's kind of like real life, isn't it?
And, I've got dice :) They're pretty.

So, that was my weekend. Aside from that, I've done very little that isn't actually work in the last week.

And this morning, I saw my very first dead person. At least, I think it was a dead person. There was an accident on the M3, which must have happened shortly before I arrived in the shuttle, as the ambulance hadn't reached it yet. From the looks of it, a pedestrian had been hit. At the very least, there were no cars stopped and just one person lying in the road. The reason that I'm presuming they're dead is that no-one was fussing around them as people tend to do with injured types. Possibly the police were just unable to do anything for the person, who may just have been unconscious, but there was rather a lot of wet road between the person and the rather wet gutter... But possibly if the person had actually been dead, the police would have found something to cover them with. Or one could argue that if the person had been alive they would have tried to put something on it to keep them warm. It's hard to be sure in either direction. The ambulance got there at about the same time the shuttle reached upper campus, I know 'cause I heard it.

In other news, Wendell should be finished defatting and I should now be able to start milling him. Lucky me.

Monday, 06 August 2007

already August

Time is moving so quickly! It's coming up for Dragonfire already. Next thing you know, the belly show will be over and I'll be writing an exam and it'll be the end of the year and I'll be going "where's my data?"...

Anyway, chemistry classes have been happening. The first week was a basic introduction to the required stats that we need. Which is good. And tomorrow there's a tut, which is better. There's an assignment due for friday and I don't really know what the questions are. I know what we're supposed to do - but what do you want us to tell you? the class is nice though, and we're starting to get to know each other since there are so few of us. For last weeks prac we did a intro to presenting thing, apparently we're going to have to do a presentation at the end of the course and this was a chance to see what it's like. I'm so glad I've had plenty of experience at this.

Then there is my 'get to bed early' plan. It's not happening. My social life is too hectic... Wednesdays is yoga, thursdays is belly... last friday, I did nothing and was very glad. Saturday I got a yoga mat, so now I can do it at home [if I ever am both at home and have the time] and I don't have to use the stinky ones at the gym. And it's a pretty yoga mat. Then Button and I had supper with my parents. It was nice.

Yesterday was not a fun day. After too little sleep, I woke up feeling less than my best. Much less. But off we went to find Wombat and head out to Die Strandloper in Langebaan for a general birthday celebration [well, two birthday celebrations]. The drive sucked 'casue I felt awful and couldn't get comfortable enough to actually sleep. Then we arrived and after some food and something to drink I felt a bit better. I was a little off the whole day, but the food was wonderful, the setting was brilliant and the company was better than both.

After that, Wombat and I and one or two other people descended on Sidrianna, to playtest a module for Dragonfire. Due to a number of circumstances, one of the playtesters had to leave and then I had to go [someone requires a set amount of sleep, if she doesn't get it, she gets really cranky and that's a bad place for her to be in, so she tried to avoid that], Wombat was getting a lift with me, so he needed to go... So we are reconvening this evening, to finish off. Which is good 'cause it was fun and I want to know what happens.

In other news, my first real sample [Wendall], is being defatted at the moment. It's been cut into small pieces, to make the defatting more effective. Hopefully I'll be milling next week and have my next sample being defatted. Unfortunately, I need quite a lot of powder from these bones and I think some of my samples are a bit small to provide them...