Tuesday, 09 March 2010

Witch Child

I have resurrected this blog out of nothingness, as I feel a need to record all the books I read (of which there are many. If you want to donate a bookshelf to the cause, I'd be most appreciative).

As you might have guessed from the title, the subject of this post is Witch Child by Celia Rees. It's a historical novel - in about 1659 Mary's grandmother is hung as a witch. As she would come under suspicion, a mysterious benefactor dresses her up as a Puritan and sends her off to the New World. This is one of those novels that pretends to be non-fiction. It's actually fairly well done, with a 'typewritten' bit at the beginning and end, claiming that these pages were found sewn into a quilt and if anyone has more information, they should get in touch.

The narrative is powerful, mixing themes of women's rights, community, colonisation, superstition and religious (in)tolerance. The plot is, itself, fairly predictable, but it's worth reading anyway.

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