Wednesday, 24 March 2010

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

So, the other orphan book (though, really, I have loads of them, this is just the one I mentioned in the previous post). This is the first book in the series Three of a Kind by Marilyn Kaye. I'm going to have to photograph this book as well, since there's no cover for it anywhere on the internet.

It's a fun book about three very different orphans who do not get along at all. On the other hand, they live in an orphanage with, really, only each other. Each of them is given a chance to go and stay with a couple interested in adoption. Naturally each of them wants to be chosen, at first. After that, you'll have to read the book yourself. I've kept an eye out for others in the series (there are six) and her other series, of which there seem to be many. It'll never be a favourite book, but it's certainly an interesting take on the usual teenager-series.

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