Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Dandelion Diary: the Tricky Art of Walking

I can't recall, off the top of my head, where exactly this book is from. Probably one of the Exclusive Books sales, given that it looks like I'm the only one to have read this copy. I do think, though, that I'm going to have to take photographs of certain covers [updated: now done] to get the pictures to be decent sizes here. What's the point of having a picture of the cover if no-one can see it?

Anyway, having arthritis I'm interested in stories about how people cope with and overcome other debilitating diseases. Not that my arthritis is debilitating, but it could be one day. I do, however, like these to be well-written, rather than anecdotal (my cousin's wife's grandfather found ______ really helpful). In this case, the disease in question is Friedreich's ataxia, which, just like ankylosing spondylitis, makes me really glad I only have arthritis.

This is the story of how Marguerite discovered that she had her disease - her older brother suffers as well - and how this affects her life and her family. It's a moving account of denial, acceptance, anger, despair, hope and courage. And so much more. It's a book I would recommend to anyone.

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