Thursday, 18 March 2010

Stephanie Plum

I like a good mystery story, no matter what age group it's aimed at. I also like a certain amount of romantic chick-lit (for a particular definition of 'romantic') and, as an adult reader, nothing makes a mystery more enjoyable than a murder. On the other hand, as we've already discussed, I'm a little on the morbid side and probably don't have quite the normal response towards death and the dead (for a given value of normal, of course).

I have read all the numbered books in this series (though I don't own them all) and one of the four 'between the numbers' novels. Though a quick glance at the author's website tells me that number sixteen is about to come out. The first book (One for the Money) is nowhere near as good as the later ones, though I do think there comes a point where the series needs to stop. I don't know that this series has reached that point yet, it's difficult to tell. The books are just pure fun, complete fluff and require absolutely no brain power. In fact, the less brain power the better, as you're less likely to notice how incredibly ridiculous the entire thing is. Stephanie Plum is exceptionally well written in that she's both the clumsy, awkward girl we all are, as well as being the woman we'd all like to be, what with the combination of Morelli and Ranger being all over her.

If you've got an afternoon to kill and are in the mood for something light and fun, these are a must read. And the best part is that there's no need to read them in order, even though earlier events are occasionally referenced.


misa ramirez said...

Yep, Stephanie is pure fun! I wish she'd choose between Joe and Ranger, though.


akika said...

As soon as she makes a choice though, the series is over. No more sexual tension... Kind of like a tv pair consummating the relationship. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see how the series would differ if she did pick one and stick with it.
I can't decide!