Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Looks like freedom, but it feels like death.

It's something in between I guess.
So, it's been a long while. There have been two games since - suffice to say we have one new character [the other one dropped something on the way and went back to get it while we were still returning] and we're working on our other problems.
On Friday, one of my second cousins gave birth to a son. The last time she was pregnant she had a miscarriage. This time she died. We're still awaiting the results of the autopsy to see what exactly killed her, but some form of medical complications resulting from an apparently difficult pregnancy seems to be where we're headed. Their [immediate] family was even closer than my [apparently] very close [immediate] family.
On Sunday I discovered Unitarian Universalism. I went to speak with the Cape Town congregation's minister. He was very nice and very helpful. It's so nice to encounter a form of religion that requires you to think for yourself rather than blindly accepting whatever they deign to tell you. I really don't have a very good opinion of organised religion, it's nice to know I'm not alone.
We had people over for games and movies over the weekend. It was fun. We should do it more often. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it on account of how I was feeling very unsociable, but I did.
Other things that have happened:
  • some ultracentrifuging
  • attempts to order more bromoform [what is wrong with these 'suppliers'?]
  • creation of dilute hydrochloric acids [one at 0.5M and one at 0.1M] for decalcifying.
  • journal club - of which I skimmed most of the paper and spoke to MGG about it before the session.
  • read the book of atheist spirituality, which I would recommend to people, particularly the morons who actually believe that atheists go around murdering innocent babies in their beds because they have no moral compass. Which is not to say that it's not a book for atheists.
  • read in cold blood - which focused less on truman capote than I would've thought given how incredibly self-absorbed the movie made him out to be.
  • buying birthday presents for my sister, who is impossible to shop for and doesn't like what you get her anyway. But I think I may have succeeded this year. Hopefully she'll be okay with the fact that it's arriving late.

I think that covers everything. If it doesn't, then it's probably none of your business anyway.

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