Sunday, 27 November 2011


I tripped, I fell, I signed up for three more challenges. Of course, since I'm endeavouring to spend all those birthday presents I received on books (which I succeeded in today, as far as the Exclusive Books gift vouchers go), I think it's acceptable.

First up is the non-fiction, non-memoir challenge. This requires one to read non-fiction books that are not memoirs or any form of biography, really. I expect this to be easy, because I expect to continue to have access to the UCT Library. And even if I don't, I do really enjoy non-fiction, so that's okay. Of course, I also enjoy memoirs, so I'm going to start off with just ten, and see how far I get.

Next up is the war through the generations challenge, which is focusing on World War I in 2012. I shall start at 1-3 books, and see how interesting I really find it. I know I said I'd like to read more about it after reading about how it (possibly) affected Tolkien, but I'm not sure how I'll feel about it outside of that context.

And finally (I hope), I've signed up for the serial killer challenge. This, like religion, is one of those aspects of human nature that really fascinates me. So I'm looking forward to this. It doesn't seem to have any sort of level system, so I'm just going to read at random and enjoy this one.


Marce said...

Thanks for joining the Serial Killer Challenge. You are right, no level, this is for those that love reading about them and finding the best of the best.

Enjoy the NF challenge.

Julie said...

Thanks for joining the Non-Fiction Non-Memoir Reading Challenge. I hope you enjoy it and learn lots of new things!