Saturday, 05 November 2011


I like quiche. Not only is it a great word (the online OED tells me it originated from a French word in the 1920s), it tastes really good. There is a problem with quiche, however. It's expensive. The solution, therefore, is to make my own. It turns out that making quiche is really easy. For some reason none of my cookbooks have quiche recipes in them, which I feel is a failing on their part, and I had to wait for Fresh Living magazine to come along and tell me how to do it.

So, you cook your filling - today I'm roasting butternut and mushrooms. If you wouldn't eat something raw, cook it first. Next up, you take some puff pastry and line a tart tin. You put baking beans in on top and bake that for 10 minutes.
Once that's done, you remove the beans and let them cool off somewhere (some of them will stick to the pastry, it's annoying but not life-threatening), stick your cooked filling in, add anything else you want, today that's spinach and leeks. Then you scramble a couple of eggs with some milk and salt and pepper and pour that over, so that it fills the tart up. That, you bake a bit longer, probably around half an hour, until it's firm and then you eat it.

Simple, quick and oh so yummy!

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