Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mushroom Pasta

I like mushrooms and I like pasta. I particularly like them together. I didn't always, but I think mushrooms are one of those acquired tastes. And I suspect I would've liked pasta a lot sooner if it hadn't always involved a tomato-based sauce, which I don't particularly like.

This recipe is actually to create an asparagus sauce, but I use it for mushrooms, or whatever else I feel like making. Even better, this is one of those sauces that is quick, so you can make it while your pasta is boiling.

First, chop up your vegetables. I always make my mushroom pieces nice and big because they shrink once they've cooked a bit. Then, boil a cup of milk. Keep an eye on it, because it's really annoying when it boils over. Once the milk is boiling, add in your vegetables and some stock powder or a crumbled up stock cube. Simmer that for a while, around ten minutes or so, stirring now and then. While that's busy, mix together 1T oil and 2t flour into a paste. Once you've finished simmering the sauce, add the paste, bring to the boil (again) and allow it to thicken, while stirring. Once it's at a consistency you like, serve with pasta.

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