Monday, 17 January 2011

Six Graves to Munich

This was written by Mario Puzo, best known for the Godfather. It was written a long time ago under another name. I bought it for Dad's birthday, and I think it was a good choice. It's set in the early 60s. The main character was an American intelligence agent tortured and (apparently) murdered by Nazis. He survived and is now determined to wreak revenge upon the seven men responsible for this. One of the driving forces of his revenge is the murder of his pregnant wife. The book is filled with flashbacks to both the time of his torture and his recovery, as well as a chapter on his childhood and how he ended up where he did. His sidekick, a young prostitute that he picks up, also has her share of flashbacks and so on.

This is an interesting book that's well worth reading. I didn't think it particularly graphic, but I'm not particularly squeamish, most of the time. The worst part was actually reading about what had happened to the sidekick (Rosie? Sophie? Something like that).

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