Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Sudden Death at the Norfolk Cafe

Generally, I'm a sucker for books with nuns (or monks, for that matter). I'm not sure how I felt about this one. It was an enjoyable story and I'll be looking out for the others in the series. It wasn't a good mystery because the reader knew everything that was going on. It was fun to watch the characters involved solve their pieces of the puzzle and bring it all together though.

It was the religious aspect that I had a problem with, but I suspect that that was mainly because this is a contemporary book with nuns. No cellphones or email, so it's presumably set in the early nineties when it was written. Possibly the way the nuns interact with the outside world is fairly accurate. I do wonder just how much research the author did. For a start, the order doesn't seem to be mentioned, possibly this is a fictional order to suit the purposes of the author. It's hard to tell given the myriad orders that actually exist.

This is a fun story and, while I probably wouldn't recommend it to most people that I know, if you like more old-fashioned detective stories, with less of the violence and sex that is so common these days, then you'll probably enjoy this.

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