Monday, 13 December 2010

The Mystery of the Blue Train

I really am horribly behind in reviews. No sooner do I get one done than I have another book added to the list. But I shall persevere.

This is another Poirot. It's quite a good one. However, I've either read it before (entirely possible, it's hard to keep Christie's straight), or I'm getting really good at seeing her plots (having read over 50 of them, some multiple times, that's also entirely possible). Essentially this is a jewel theft (complicated by forgers and so on), with a murder thrown in (that's what we're concerned with, even though it's only done to facilitate the theft). And, of course, there's Poirot, there's a girl, there's a love interest with the main suspect and the actual murderer. Nothing out of the common way here, except for the mention of St Mary Mead, where Miss Marple lives, in a book about Poirot. That bit was a little confusing.

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