Friday, 10 December 2010


The Hout Bay Library had a fantastic book sale this last week. I went twice and got two enormous bags of books for very little. The problem with this, is a certain lack of shelf space in my house. So that was challenge number one. Rearranging the shelves so that all my books fit was a feat of amazingness that I still can't quite believe I managed. I'd show you pictures, but bookshelf rearranging is exhausting and I can't quite get enough energy to take any pictures.

Challenge number two is for next year. 52 books in 52 weeks. Since, along with my rearranging, I put a numbered sticker at each book I own and haven't yet read, I think I need to aim for 104 books in 52 weeks. And even then I'll still have books left over. Assuming I don't buy any next year (what are the chances? Seriously). I currently have 116 books in my to-read 'pile' ... Maybe I should be aiming for 156 books in 52 weeks. 3 books a week? I might be able to manage that... Maybe. Well, we'll see how we go.

Challenge number three... Is to not have any unwritten reviews by Christmas. I currently have a list of my backlog and I'll be getting to them... Eventually. Really.

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