Wednesday, 24 November 2010


This is possibly the most boring book I've ever read. It is completely plotless. It's essentially about a town in which the majority of the residents are older women. There is one marriage and far more deaths.

I cannot understand how the BBC has made three adaptations of this. Who on earth would want to watch something where nothing really happens? How did this book attain the status of a classic? It's less interesting than the Vicar of Wakefield and that's saying something.

If you've read this book and enjoyed it enough to want to read it again or see an adaptation of it, please let me know why.

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confluence said...

It sounds like they made up a lot of plot for the 2007 BBC series. I don't know how much more exciting that made it. Guardian readers seem to think "not very much".

Anyway, this photo juxtaposition made me lol, since I've recently watched The Wire :D :