Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Secret

Another book I was paid to read. I approached this one with reluctance and an immense amount of scepticism. This book is a treatise on positive thinking. It takes the common practice of affirmations to an extreme. There's not a whole lot I can disagree with here (if you think of happy things, you'll be happy, if you don't you won't), but then, there's not a whole lot to this.

At first glance, this doesn't seem so bad. But you need to consider the flipside of all this positive thinking. If anything bad or unpleasant happens to you, it's all your fault. You weren't thinking positively enough. If you are attacked and nearly killed, well you shouldn't have been so fearful. You attracted that attack. Got cancer? All the result of negative thinking. Been fired? You were too worried about losing your job. This is not only a treatise on positive thinking, it's a treatise on blaming the victim. Positive thinking is one thing, but one needs to understand that there are forces beyond an individual's control. Other people, for a start.

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