Tuesday, 10 August 2010


My dad first introduced me to the Prey books. Dad's good like that. Sandford is also known as John Camp, who I continually confuse with John le Carre for no discernible reason. The books centre around Lucas Davenport - from the beginning he appears to be a problem solver. Unpleasant psychopath stalking Minneapolis? No problem, Davenport is there to solve the problem.

My feelings towards Davenport are frustatingly ambivalent. There are moments when I dislike him, intensely, as there are moments when I'm fascinated by him. Never, however, is he uninteresting. Never do I put the book down out of boredom.

Also, as series openers go, Rules of Prey is a fantastic book. The rest of the series lives up to this book.

And now, I'm going to go and see just what His Naughtiness is up to that's making such a strange sound (I suspect he's playing with the watering cans again, luckily they're all empty right now).

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