Tuesday, 24 August 2010


The Exclusive Books sale was horrific. Not a single thing that I had even the slightest interest in. The Bargain Books sale was good. So was the Wordsworth sale. And Darling Wendykins needed to sell books, so I took her to the Book Shoppe in Tokai and tripped and fell and came home with another pile of books. But it's okay, if I need food I can just go hang out with my parents.

This is one of the books I picked up in Tokai. The others in the series are now on my wishlist (which I suspect is probably up to 15 pages, but I haven't retyped it so I can't be sure). The main characters in this series are Lena Adams, doctor and medical examiner and her husband/ex-husband/fiance (I suspect his status depends on where in the series you are), police chief Jeffrey Tolliver. This is a creepy murder mystery that starts with the accidental discovery of the body of a young girl that was buried in the woods. At first glance, she died from asphyxiation and she did, really, because that's how cyanide kills you. Yes, that's right, first she was buried alive and then she was poisoned. She's soon identified as a girl that recently went missing from her family's mission, a religious farming co-operative that aims to help those who need it. Which would be fine if their staff didn't include a religious fanatic that's slightly unhinged and the mastermind behind it all.

This is a fantastic book.

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