Thursday, 12 August 2010

And After That, The Dark

Have I mentioned how much I love CAFDA? It was blood test time again and I was very pleased to see that they'd just gotten in a nice stack of new Enid Blyton's and a multitude of other interesting books. Like this one.

It's a good mystery story, if a little on the obvious side. At least, it's obvious if you've read a pile of these books (like me!). The characters are engaging and the plot is almost completely believable. One of the things I had trouble with is the idea that a (modern) thirteen year old is really going to believe all the religious nonsense that is thrown at her given the fact that the majority of the people she interacts with do not seem to believe the same things. Maybe I don't know enough about how religious brainwashing works, but I don't think you could do it like that.

Anyway, this is a fun light mystery, perfect for an after-supper bath.

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