Monday, 03 May 2010

The Legend of the Seventh Virgin

I have to admit myself rather unimpressed by this book. It was a good story, but rather too much of one of those wandering romances than what it should've been. The main character is a narcissist with a god-complex and just plain irritating to boot (and there's a funny expression - my dictionary of idioms gives an explanation but no etymology unfortunately). What I think was meant to be a twist at the end was blazingly obvious and the final couple of chapters were just plain anticlimatic.

Frankly, the book would've been far better if the nutcase had managed to wall her up and we'd been able to witness her last suffocating moments. Possibly that's not very nice, but it would've made for a better book!

Anyway, this is one that I don't regret reading, but won't bother to recommend because it's just not that good.

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