Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Dana Girls

I'm behind for this month, so I need to catch up. Of course, the reason that I'm behind is that I spend all my time reading (and the best part is that the universe listened and I'm actually being paid for it). I feel very sad some days that I haven't had a chance to buy more books. Well, I'll get some on Saturday, but it seems so long to wait.

Now the Dana Girls books are by the same people that did Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I personally like the Dana Girls more than the others, but that's probably just because I used to read them when I was at Plumstead Prep. Anyway, I've started collecting them in my old age and have discovered that there are two series which sort of overlap. Also, it appears that finding decent images of covers is impossible. I shall have to take some pictures of my pretty covers (including The Haunted Lagoon, which I accidentally stole from Karen Jennings back in Std 1 and still have).

Anyway, these books are about Louise and Jean Dana, two sisters that are teenagers. Jean's the blonde and slightly younger. I've always preferred Louise, probably because she's somewhat less impetuous than her sister. Naturally they have boyfriends and many friends that occasionally show up. They are orphans and attend boarding school, where some of their mysteries are based, or at least start. When they're not at school, they spend time with friends and their aunt and uncle, a sea captain on the Balaska.

These are fun books in the style of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys without being nearly as irritating. I imagine that most of my likely for them is due to some form of nostalgia and a memory of loving them as a little girl.

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