Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Christopher is a young autistic gentleman. He likes dogs and is distressed when he finds his neighbour's dog dead. He decides to solve the mystery and write a book about it at the same time. This is his book. Along the way he has to do things that he doesn't like doing - for example, talking to strangers (and I really don't blame him, strangers are weird). Then, a few things happen and he finds out that his father lied to him. About something big. And if there is one thing that he does not like it's lies. So then Christopher has to be extremely brave and not only talk to people he doesn't know, but go to places he doesn't know where there are too many people and some of them might touch him.

It's beautifully written and exceedingly clear on how he sees things. His logic is wonderful, though the story is rather sad. This is highly recommended.


phillygirl said...

finally, a book we agree on ;) hahahaha

akika said...

They are rather rare, aren't they?

Being Brazen said...

I loved this book so much .