Wednesday, 19 May 2010

CS Lewis: The Man Behind Narnia

I picked this book up at Bargain Books the other day. I really am completely hopeless when faced with books that are cheaper than usual. Though, it's always worth it to check, 'cause I once saw a book at an EB sale where the sale price was higher than the normal price! Anyway, I picked this up because it looked interesting and I needed a third for my '3 for R99' bunch.

This is a biography that's really aimed at American children. I can tell this from the style of writing and the way that they keep choosing to explain what I feel are fairly self-explanatory words. I guess that they're words that most non-British children wouldn't be familiar with (what that says about me, I'm not sure, but probably has something to do with my large accumulation of books by British authors through my life).

It's well-written and informative. I had no idea about much of Lewis's life story (I didn't even know he was actually Irish!) and this was a very interesting introduction to it. It did, of course, focus mainly on his writing, but that's to be expected, since it's aimed at children who enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia. But as someone who did not enjoy them, it's still a good introduction to the author. Apparently I have the same objection to Narnia as Tolkien did - it's just a mish-mash of myths that don't (or shouldn't) go together. It drove me nuts and apparently did the same to Tolkien.

This is a good introductory book and I'll certainly be looking out for others - both by this author and on this topic.

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