Thursday, 12 March 2009

Yesterday was a mostly good day. It was sadly ruined by the Wombat who was unable to put in an appearance at the game. The game went well - Nagataka was well taken care of by a bird lady with a particular interest in him. She was deeply concerned by his lengthy meditation. Kamenosuke, Ishie, Miu and the two Isawa launched an attack on Maple House. Ishie got to use her lightning spell in actual combat and killed a bunch of Tengu with it. Then she got to threaten Lord Maple who was standing far too close to her idiot sister [Satoko, played by theOtherAmy]. Lord Maple was killed by Miu and his sons graciously agreed to honour his end of the deal - that all the monkey-people get to leave. So we went through the half-trees, and found ourselves being threatened by a bunch of Tengu-pretending-to-be-Phoenix. Most of them left when Kamenosuke informed them that they only had half an hour to get back to their world. It turned out to be a little longer as Kamenosuke had to kill the Head-Bird-Guy first [which he eventually managed, with the aid of the kami - something that Ishie is very glad that she did and very glad she didn't get into trouble for it, though, technically, he didn't tell her she couldn't interfere this time] and then they had to walk the Ratling to the other gate, and he walks slowly. Once the half-trees were returned to their natural state of whole-treeness, everyone went back to normal, though slightly confused. Kamenosuke talked the peasants into doing what they should and everyone left the garden. Except Ishie. Who meditated on some of her alchemical problems for a few minutes before following after the others.
The other thing making me so happy yesterday? The SEM. The images show that after a mere 15 minutes in the microniser, the samples have particles under 10 microns. So that's what I'll be doing next week.

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