Friday, 20 February 2009

There was a Game

So, on Wednesday we had a game, with 5 people present. BT arrived and while she wasn't playing her character yet, she was getting into the swing of things by NPCing. So what happened:
Our intrepid heroes were bundled off to the 'Monkey House' by the bird people. There we met Isawa Something-with-an-S and his son, Nichiren. Ishie and Nichiren had a brief conversation about the trouble he'd caused by rushing off after his father instead of marrying her sister. Ishie restrained herself from mentioning that his return may cause more trouble [who's going to marry her other fiance? It won't be Ishie!] Ishie was less restrained when approached by their Matsu companion [played by BT]. Whatsit arrived in bird-land about 15 years ago, his son and Matsu Miu arrived 7 years ago, during the Phoenix-Dragon war. So seeing a Phoenix travelling with a Dragon and a Crane was a little surprising. Ishie has clearly spent too much time with Kamenosuke, as she suggested that the reason for the Lion's disgraceful withdrawal from their alliance with the Phoenix was due to their uncalled for massacring of the Dragonfly. We had tea and discussed the situation and the possibility of escaping. We met the Ratling, Flaky Claws and discussed his plan for putting an end to the problem. There was an awful lot more exposition than action, so there's not much to report. Stay tuned for next week.
In other news, I tried out the Geology Department's Swing Mill. I have to wait until March 2nd to check the powder out in the SEM, but it's quite finely ground. I stuck some in one of my sieves, just to see and while some of it went through [I could tell 'cause the acetone was cloudy, not clear], most of it didn't. So I suspect I will need to find a way to get it even finer. DLR, the guy from the Geology Department [who taught me in first year - and remembers me], suggested I speak to the chemical engineers who have an actual Professor of Making-Things-Smaller [that's not his actual title]. How long did it take for the Swing Mill to get the powder as fine as it could? Less than 1.5 minutes.
Also, Happy Birthday Mom!
[even if it was yesterday, she's at the cottage so she won't see this till Sunday/Monday anyway]
I tried to call her, but the signal was absolutely shocking and I think we exchanged all of 5 words in a couple of conversations [those were the times where her phone actually rang] before I gave up and smsed her.

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