Thursday, 12 February 2009

Because you can't have too many words strung together with hyphens!

So, Button's parents have [presumably] returned to the US safely. They left here safely, but I've heard nothing since. I assume that any information would have gone to Button, who is back up at Elandsfontein being uncommunicative. It's hard to be anything else up there as signal is patchy at the best of times, unless you're on top of a very tall dune.
Delilah is delightful, though slightly less shiny than she was when she arrived. I think I may need to invest in some sort of cover/case thingie for her. I spent the better part of Tuesday downloading Open Office, and I'm oh so very glad I did. It's a bit of an adjustment at first, but it's kind of like having the shift button in a funny spot. You get used to it very quickly. And, for me at least, it's more intuitive than Office 2007, though I didn't have any particular problems with that. I do still want the bubble screensaver though.
My plants are much happier now that I'm home. The ones that have been repotted are a lot happier and the one that was moved outside, is slightly smaller, but still happy [the violent winds removed most of the leaves that stuck up past the olive tree's pot]. For Valentine's Day Button has promised me a return trip to the Kalk Bay Garden Shop, with the intent to buy plants. He has his eye on a Juniper bonsai, and I have my eye on just about everything else. We may also stop at the Indigenous Nursery near Cape Point on our way home, as we'll be staying overnight at the cottage.
Last night saw the resurrection of our game [yay!]. Our new players, BT & theOtherAmy are yet to join us. BT due to LARPing and theOtherAmy due to Operations. After a massive recap at speed, we launched forth into our journey to Inconsiderate River Village. We found it without difficulty and set about investigating stuff. Nagataka spent some personal time with a mostly deaf, totally blind monk while Kamenosuke and Ishie toured the Gardens. All while being spied on by yet more crows. Because the ones in Suspiciously-Perfect-and-Happy Village weren't enough [I forget the Village's real name, something about Sparkling Sunflower Fields]. Having discovered the two half trees of nausea, we decided to set out for the quarry that Nagataka's monk friend had suggested we visit. Nagataka did not sleep well, having divinated and seen that which was not meant to be seen. He did not elaborate, so Ishie and Kamenosuke still don't quite know what's in store for them. After a quick visit to the quarry [natural grey stone as opposed to weirdly out-of-place bright white granite], our intrepid explorers followed the drag trail up to another pair of half trees. Nagataka stepped through and disappeared. Ishie and Kamenosuke decided it was their duty to follow him. They are now in Willow House, a disturbing bright white city of bird people. Who is at war with the other bright white city of bird people, Maple House. Willow's two trees signify the city of arrivals. Maple's two trees make it the city of departure. We currently are being held prisoner by the bird people [though they're too polite to come out and say it], but need to find: [a] Flaky Claws, a ratling that attempts to communicate with Nagataka through meditation or divination or something [b] Isawa Guy-who's-going-to-fix-our-grandmothers-inhabiting-granddaughters'-bodies-problem and his son, [c] Isawa Better-hope-his-reappearance-doesn't-mean-Ishie-has-to-marry-her-sister's-second-fiance. Quite possibly we will also find: [a] Ishie's missing sister [b] our new players! Once we've found these people, we need to escape. Currently Ishie's in favour of the 'set the bird people alight until they leave us alone' plan. Or, Cherry Experimentation!


dystopia said...

the words the bettor!!

i think that setting the brid people on fire is probably the best way to go

akika said...

I thought I might have your support on that subject. Sadly Kamenosuke and Nagataka are not sold on the idea :(