Tuesday, 03 February 2009

February Already!

2009 has snuck past me in a most sneaky manner. After a restful Christmas/New Year's, spent avoiding just about everyone I know [with the exception of my extremely privileged family]. Here are some of this year's highlights so far:
  • The Korean Thesis - JS photocopied this thing while she was on sabbatical overseas. So now we know what was done in that other project. It does not render my research irrelevant, thankfully, but it would have been nice to know about the mills she tried two years ago. So now we have located a similar mill to the one used in this thesis [it's across the road in the Geology Department, very convenient] and we're going to try it out and hopefully it will all work splendidly. One can always dream after all.
  • Elandsfontein Field School - Both Button and I were working at the third year field school. He will be going back for the Honours field school, but I am beyond done [and I have a lot of other work to do]. The students were fun and mostly nice. The completely crazy one was also fun and reasonably nice to spend time with when she wasn't being completely terrifying. She had to leave early, but everyone else seemed to cope with the hecticness okay. We had a number of guests coming to visit and they all gave very nice seminars/lectures on their current research. Funnily enough, every single one of them was an isotope person, so it was very well-placed of me to be there at that time.
  • Button's Parents - They've come to visit [which is why Button isn't at the field school right now]. It's very nice having them here, though rather exhausting. I don't know where they get their energy from, but I guess when everything is new and exciting you do have more energy than when it's the same thing you've seen every day of your life [or, at least, fairly regularly]. So far we've done: Just about every art gallery in Cape Town, the Iziko SA Museum, the Planetarium, the Slave Lodge, the Riebeek Valley, Evita se Perron, the Cape Philharmonic in City Hall, Signal Hill, the Winelands [specifically Franschoek and Stellenbosch] ... possibly there are other things, but I don't remember them at this moment.
  • Delilah - With them, Button's parents brought my beautiful tiny red computer, who is named Delilah. It's absolutely adorable. Of course, if I were bigger, I'd have trouble typing - Button can't type on this keyboard, but me, Button's Mom and Mom can all do it without trouble.
  • Gardening - No new plants as yet this year, though some have died. I blame Mom, who was watering them while we were at Elandfontein. To be fair, some of them were already mostly dead before then, it's just the one fern that obviuosly couldn't cope with watering on a less-than-daily basis. But I think ferns are just fussy that way.

And now, I'm off to bed, as we're waking at a horrendously early hour to show Button's parents Elandsfontein. It will be fun, but far too early.


phillygirl said...

sounds like fun :) And I'll be keeping finger's crossed for the Geology mill!

Ps. have you started reading your xmas presents yet ??

akika said...

When would I have time? I barely have time to read my email.