Wednesday, 03 December 2008

Just. Don't. Mention. It.

Seriously. Don't bring it up. It will result in severe unhappiness. On my part at any rate and I firmly believe in spreading the unhappiness. What should you not mention? My project. Or, worse, the mill. Why not? Because, despite everything I've done, that worthless thing is still leaking. One uninformed person [though, by that stage, he knew what was going on, but he did ask for it] asked if it was still salvageable. My sample? Why yes, my sample is actually okay and probably not too badly contaminated. My project? There are a bunch of uncontaminated samples ready to be sent [or taken] overseas and milled. My two years of wasted time and effort? Not so much.
So don't mention it.


dystopia said...

it sounds like you need someone to take you out for sushi

Being Brazen said...

that sounds crappy :(

akika said...

The mill saga or the sushi? Sushi is always a good idea, milling bits of bone, not so much.
Things have improved, however... I should post something new.