Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Severe Lack of Work Happening

The Gemstone Party was much fun and very pretty. There are photos somewhere, possibly I will show you someday. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, the red velvet cake was enjoyed by all who had some and the banana bread wasn't too awful, despite 16 times the amount of bicarbonate of soda.

The Sweet Peas are flowering. So far all the flowers have been a bright, pinky purple. I'm hoping that some of the other buds will mature into flowers of different colours, but quite possibly only one plant is actually flowering at the moment. It's hard to tell them apart.

I'm currently not working on the CMP for Klasies River. I've sent in my November invoice and am wondering when the hell I'm going to find time to do 12.5 hours in December. I'm sure I'll manage it, but given that I was planning to start milling this week it's mucking up my schedule something awful. Currently I am attempting to reformat the bibliography in such a way that it still tells me exactly what I need it to and yet makes sense for the other people who need to read it. [For the record, the wikipedia selection of South African archaeologists is severely lacking. Someone should update it, but that someone isn't me.]
So, how does one compile a bibliography that contains every paper that so much as mentions a particular site? You find yourself a database, do a search and download pdfs of the articles. And then, you scan every single one of them for every single mention of the site and make sure that you make a note of the references it uses, so that you can hunt those down too. I'm quite sick of it, to be perfectly honest, and more than ready to move on to the next phase. But as you may have noticed, I still have a little bit to go...

Tonight we'll be at the Book Lounge for the launch of a new book by Phillip Tobias. After that [or, in fact, in the middle of that], we'll be off to the Opera. Hopefully we'll get to see my darling Patsy with the Orchestra again. As a result of going to the opera, we're missing out on Dystopia's birthday sushi. A sad state of affairs, but somewhat mitigated by the fact that I had sushi on Monday, with theOtherAmy.

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button said...

umm.. Endnote? can we say awesome? a perfect way to organize citations and attach pdfs. of course you need a windows computer first... um.. Marga?