Friday, 21 November 2008

All of Nothing

So, today is Friday and tomorrow is the night of the Gemstone Party. I am excited. I'm going to be leaving here early in order to go shopping. In addition to medication, I require ingredients for innumerable baking projects. Not all of which will happen. I also have to decorate. Button plans to work all night, so I can be busy doing other stuff without him getting in the way...

I have [unsurprisingly] a number of Gemstones with which to decorate the walls. My plants are mostly looking fantastic, and some of them are even flowering. I'm extremely pleased with the new plant stand and wouldn't mind a few more. Maybe even a couple for inside. My peace lily has four flowers, with more coming. One of the flowers has opened, the other three are still in pristine white bud state. This is very exciting, as it hasn't flowered since it was first given to us, when Button arrived in the country 3 years ago. Of course, that's in the bedroom, so people might not see it, aside from through the balcony door. And if it's as hot and windless tomorrow night as it was yesterday and so far today, the door will be open. My sweet peas are also set to flower, though all there is to show that is a multitude of buds. I can't wait to see what they look like when they're flowering! My sad nasturtium has once more rallied and has yet another flower about to open. Hopefully the olive tree doesn't get blown over again before the plants have a chance to actually grow.

I've done quite a bit of KR work lately, but not enough for this month. So I guess I'll do that before I go shopping and leave the milling till next week.

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