Friday, 01 August 2008


So, movies with theOtherAmy happened. We went to see the new Batman. Unfortunately they were almost completely sold out, so we decided to see something else. We ended up watching Lust, Caution. I am quite sure I enjoyed it far more than I would've enjoyed Batman. It was a very good movie in that it was (a) a war movie (b) a spy movie (c) a love story. Also, it was directed by Ang Lee. You should go see it. Yoga with theOtherAmy also happened. Though it did involve a few complaints ["you never said it was going to be hard"], she has since come back and this is good.

Also: more repotting, communication and other things.

This evening, there is a LARP. I wasn't looking forward to it this morning [and my enthusiasm for next week's LARP has also waned drastically, unfortunately], but I'm feeling better about it now. Not feeling so good about tomorrow's much needed shopping, though. Sunday night's trip to the airport, however, is a high spot.

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