Monday, 11 August 2008

Boring Week

So, Button came home. This was both exciting and weird. I'd gotten used to living alone and now there's a giant man in my house. But we're adjusting nicely. And doing house shopping. This is exciting. Finally we have a mirror in the bedroom [now if only there were a way to attach it to the wall], among other essentials. Some [many] things must still be obtained. Gardening continues apace, with plans to rival our most extravagant house ideas. Though I was most disappointed to discover that one of my plant labels is lying.

On Friday, there was a LARP, Last Days of Winter. It was far more fun than the second [or third or fourth, for that matter] LARP I play around Dragonfire usually is. I tend to get LARPed out, occasionally. Luckily this LARP was saved, presumably due to the fact that I was completely preoccupied with something else when I arrived and we did not stand around waiting for hours. For whatever reason, the LARP was most enjoyable while being of a serious nature. I completely failed at attending Dragonfire however. On the upside, I presume that roleplaying will start up again on Wednesday!

On Saturday, we did house shopping, attempted to do blood tests [just because it's a public holiday it doesn't meant that the medical places should (a) be closed or (b) close early], bought pots and things, went out for sushi and watched a movie. We watched the new X-Files movie. There were a lot of things wrong with it, but I really enjoyed it and it made the shipper in me very happy. I'm not really sure why though, as that's about the only fandom I've cared about where I've never been a shipper.

Not much else has happened, it has been a boring week.

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