Monday, 28 July 2008


There has recently been a shortage of one of my medications. For the past few months I've been getting as close to a month's supply of whatever alternative the pharmacy could get their hands on. Sometimes they had nothing for the month. Sometimes they only had enough for a week. Once or twice they had a full month's supply. Now it seems that the shortage is over. This is good because every time they change the stuff they're giving me, I'm like a zombie for most of a week. It's annoying.

In other news, repotting has happened. But I need bigger pots - I miscalculated the size of some of my plants and they are in need of bigger pots. So I shall obtain those on my way home. I have also set up a nursery on the bedroom windowsill, as it seems to get the most sun. I shall soon need more potting soil, but I'm okay for now. Also, I have identified some of my plants in one of my books [though I'm not really bothering about the cacti/succulents - those are Button's], which is exciting. Now I need more books with more plants so that I know what all my plants are. I shall also try google for the ones that have been identified, but do not appear in my books.
For those of you who care: I have a plant to be given away. I have a plant which is very pretty with light green leaves and occasionally has purple flowers [I'm not good with flowers, so I haven't seen them since I bought the plant, but you never know!]. A short while ago, a new one started growing in a pot that was next to it. I don't really need two of the same plant, so if someone wants it, let me know [it comes in a bright blue plastic pot].

Aside from gardening, the weekend saw meeting up with CP, a girl I haven't properly seen since she left for boarding school in 1995 [I'm assuming I saw her for some sort of farewell before the term started, but I may be wrong]. We had great plans when we were younger. She would be a beautician and I would be a hairdresser. We designed our salon [is that the right word?] down to the minutest details and put the plans away for safekeeping. I probably still have them somewhere. On Saturday she asked me why I didn't become an architect. Well.

I spent the rest of Saturday with my parents. There was a possibility of movies with theOtherAmy, but that didn't happen. Though it appears that it will be happening tonight...

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