Thursday, 10 July 2008


So, stuff has happened. The wake will be taking place on the 20th and most of the family will be here then [excluding extraneous family members who are family-but-not-quite ... it's rather complicated I think].

In other news, there was a weekend, which involved actually spending time with real people [a rare occurrence] and shopping with mom, who had nothing to do. This was good as it involved the purchasing of clothing, though much bemoaning of the fact that people don't make clothes for short people. In the evening, I joined the actual real people for dinner and movie-watching. The movie in question was In the Mouth of Madness. It was very scary, though more for reasons to do with me than to do with the fact that it was supposed to be scary [although, I personally didn't find the cthuloid creatures scary]. The fire was pretty and warm. Sometime between then and now I rewatched Four Weddings and a Funeral. Mmm... John Hannah.

In other news, I have humourous hominid mugs. And less than a month till I have a button. So, in case you've forgotten who that is [let's hope I haven't], here's a picture. I had other stuff to say, but I don't remember what it was now.

There was a game night before last, which involved the moving of the game to Wednesdays. We started by returning to the night of the poetry evening. After my final encounter with Shigeri [we can hope, after all, that something bad happens and she never comes back] Sedami brought me the box of dried, treated cherries and the unfolded document acompanying them. Having read said document, Ishie is now eager to try the cherries on actual test subjects. It's all for science after all. The next morning there was the duel between Nadeshko and Chizuko [and how do you spell their names, exactly?]. The only surprising part of this event, was that it took so long for them to actually do it - we've been at winter court how long now? Anyway, it's a miserable morning, the duel is about to start, cue mysterious happenings. When the magistrates have finally managed to stop the spirits inhabiting Nadeshko and Chizuko's bodies from indiscriminately killing (a) each other (b) all Lion present (c) anyone who seems to be disagreeing with them or getting in their way, we manage to determine the following. The two spirits are the respective grandmothers of the two duellists. They died in an avalanche, while attempting to duel each other in Dragon lands about 30 years ago. They are likely to have been inhabiting their swords since that time, awaiting the time when these particular swords would meet. Ishie was disappointed that Sedami does not appear to understand science [or, rather the need for scientific experimentation]. The only solution seems to be to let them try to kill each other, but we'll see how 'getting the Lion to apologise' goes.

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confluence said...

You spell their names Nadeshiko and Chizuko. And Sedami is Sadami. But it's all transliterated anyway, so it doesn't matter. ;)