Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Bring forth the LARPs

So, it's been a while since I've posted. This is due to the lack of roleplaying. This is due to the LARPwriting by Confluence and Hodgestar. I'm quite happy to give up roleplaying for a couple of weeks so as to play in a LARP. Particularly this LARP. There is also another LARP, being written by BT [everytime I see that I think of the Giles cartoon of the chimpanzees drinking tea and working for British Rail (I think)], which may or may not be playtested this weekend. It's very exciting. I like LARPs [most of the time, however I reserve the right to completely loathe your LARP if I happen to feel like it at any time].

In other news... The past weekend was spent with the family. The memorial was on the 20th. There were lots of people I didn't know. There were some I wished I didn't know. There were some relatives that I can't recall meeting [it doesn't count if I was half the size I am now]. It was a lovely afternoon, and eventually I will put up the picture of the twenty black label irises - sadly phil hasn't put hers up yet so I can't steal it. I guess this means that I have to find my camera cable.

I had other stuff I wanted to say [I always do, don't I] and yet, it's not important. I can't imagine that anyone reading this really cares. I wouldn't if I was reading this. Maybe I'll say anything I can think of and see what happens?

A while ago [I think it was last Wednesday, it's hard to keep track of time sometimes] I went out for sushi with theOtherAmy [as opposed to LittleAmy (who may be technically larger than theOtherAmy, but I've never taken a tape measure to either of them), who has a quantifiable older sister]. This caused some upset in the Wombat quarters, but I think we've been forgiven, on the grounds that we said only nice things about him. That was fun. Then, when she took me home, she very kindly didn't throw me off the balcony in a jealous rage. We also decided that she was going to come to yoga with me. This was supposed to start today, but apparently the EvilBossOfEvilness is attempting to prevent this. I was also disappointed to learn that she and theCareTaker were not having some sort of clandestine relationship. I guess they could still be doing it, but just not telling me [but what's the point if nobody knows?].

Yesterday, while waiting for water to boil, instead of sitting around aimlessly looking at the ceiling, or watering the plants or something, I picked up a book. Was it the book Confluence lent me months ago, which I haven't even reached the halfway point of? No, of course not. Though I have no idea why I'm having so much trouble reading that one. Button tells me [or, at least, he did before he wandered off to the land of humourous hominid mugs] that it's because I don't like science fiction and that I should stop trying to convince myself that I do. Possibly he is correct. Anyway, the book I picked up is one of AK's, which Button borrowed before AK buggered off to Germany. Button has never got past the first chapter. I, however, made it to halfway through book two [I think I'm on chapter 11, but I'm not sure, it's so hard to keep track in books that have separate 'books' in them] last night. Why is The Seven Pillars of Wisdom so much easier for me to read than the Martian Chronicles? I don't know, do you? Though, to be fair, I originally picked up the book to see if it had any pretty pictures in it [it doesn't] and then started reading it because Button made a comment about something in the first couple of pages that I couldn't remember.

In other news, the semester has started again. Campus is crawling with undergrads. Thankfully I was prepared and remembered to bring food wtih me, so as to prevent my spending large amounts of time surrounded by the creatures. I'm sure they weren't this whiny in my day. Or, at least, we whined about interesting things such as the loss of the CLAWroom, we didn't sit around moaning that it was too cold or we had to walk too far to our lectures. Although, I imagine some of us weren't even aware of where our lectures were, never mind how far away that was from wherever we happened to be. Not that I ever missed a lecture. [I can be both cantankerous and sanctimonious if I want and there's nothing you can do about it ... though I suspect I'm mostly annoyed because I keep making typos 'cause my fingers are cold and therefore stiff. Where did I put my gloves...]

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