Friday, 13 June 2008

Too much for one Post

Note to self: it's winter now, walking home in the dark is not fun. Seriously.

So, last night I made it to yoga, finally. It's been a while since I've managed to make a class, rather than just doing it by myself. It was nice. I liked the instructor, I liked the studio and I liked the class, even if some parts were just not possible for me. Lucas and I went to some place on Kloof Street, which was very nice. We gossiped horrendously about everyone we know and some people we don't. It was fun.

On with the enormous updating:
I have done the work update. I have done the [enormous] game update. What's left?
So, Button and I have moved, had a housewarming, bought plants, etc. It's a lovely place, someday there might be pictures. It could happen. Then Button buggered off to Kenya for two and a half months [he'll be back in August, theoretically]. I had a family housewarming, which was also fun. I have finished tutoring [thankfully] and invigilated two exams [it's a good thing I get paid for that 'cause OMG]. Socially, I'm quite sure more stuff has happened than I remember, but I don't remember it.
LD had a [very] early birthday party, which was fun. We went there after JL's farewell [she left for Kenya the week before Button did]. BT got a better job, so we went out to celebrate. A celebration that was far too coupley for my liking in light of the abscence of Button. As we were leaving, I bumped into Penguin and AV, two of my ex-boyfriends/friends from high school. [I don't actually remember why we called him penguin, though from what I remember of the rest of the nickname, it was not exactly complimentary]. I hung out with them for the rest of the night, just catching up and so on, which was fun. We were later joined by DS's little brother, which was greatly amusing to me.
In other news, BT and I are still writing that LARP. Theoretically we'll actually get around to writing some of it one day. Like, Sunday, for example.
I'm sure there's other stuff, but I don't remember it, so it can't be important.

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