Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Beware! Excessive use of Parentheses!

So, I'm sure I have something to say ... listen and I'll tell it twice.

I have [re]discovered extemporanea, which makes me happy for some reason. She's always fascinating and has a bit of Dorothy Parker up there. I'm rather fond of Dorothy Parker, though [one of] my [many] favourite[s] would have to be:
Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren't lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.

In other news, the long weekend passed with only minor fits of boredom and a rather alarming amount of raging girliness. I embarrass myself sometimes. Thankfully, I didn't quite reach the point where I was painting my toenails sparkly pink. Of course, that would require leaving the house to obtain sparkly pink nail polish and so was never very likely anyway.

My cousins called, desperately seeking dice [I'm so proud] to give to my uncle for father's day. He was quite taken with our paper lamps at the family housewarming [trying to explain to his children that it was an icosahedron where each side was made up of five parts], so I showed him my dice and he was overjoyed and declared that he wanted some and wanted to know where I got them and so on. So after some rather detailed explanations, I presume my cousins made it to Outer Limits and obtained them, though I haven't actually bothered to enquire.

Yesterday, I read three books [Lullaby Town, Something to do with Monkeys and Raincoats and Something Else that possibly has to do with Stealing Angels]. They were light-hearted fluff and very enjoyable. Also, the sort of horribly twisted murder/crime/some-sort-of-investigation-required intricate 'plot' that is very silly and I seem to be extraordinarily fond of.

In other news, my supervisor is off [this weekend] for a month of excavation at Robberg, then she's back for about six weeks and then she's off to Germany [for a conference] and Cambridge [for a visiting fellowship thing]. She'll be back at the beginning of next year. On the other hand, having my supervisor be on sabbatical for the next year means that she might actually get around to reading that chapter I sent her a month or so ago... Also, having to communicate with her by email might result in actual communication, rather than just hoping she might wander by her office sometime today and have a few minutes to spend with me.
Related topic: Does anyone have one of those very large, very heavy hammer-things? Or one of those big pick things? Presumably they exist somewhere in the department because I've used them with some degree of success on a couple of digs [where success = not hitting other people/damaging the site]. Let's hope these international people are more prompt than the others... Also, liquid nitrogen balls are very pretty, even when they're covered in my sample.

Now that I've started updating again, my sister [who is apparently indefinitely offline] has removed me from her list of links. Ninja blogging! Game tonight, which is exciting. Even more exciting if I manage to get home in time to wake up in time to make the seminar that starts before 9am tomorrow. Oh the joys! But, since my supervisor seems to think it would be "worth coming to", I'd best be there. On the other hand [and why, can the spaces not keep up with the rest of my typing?], it's the poetry contest, so I expect there will be lots of politics going on and it will be likely to run late and be most entertaining.

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phillygirl said...

well, now that I'm back online and you're posting on a more than monthly basis again, I've added you back to my blogroll ;)